Shahrukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana Khan Joins New York University

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As per the latest Bollywood news, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan has joined New York University to complete her further studies.

Please note that Suhana has recently completed her graduation and is so keen to go for further studies. This is why you can see her climbing stairs of NY University as per the video shared by her mother Gauri Khan.

By looking at the pictures and videos of Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan, it looks like that his daughter is about to live her dream of studying in the NY University.

Prior to that, we all witnessed the moment when SRK shared a few pictures of his daughter after she completed her graduation from the prestigious Ardingly College in Sussex, England.

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It was in June this year when Suhana completed her graduation from London. It was the proud moment for both the parents after they shared a few pictures of her daughter completing her graduation.

But now, she has completed her graduation and decided to go for further studies from NY University.

SRK Suhana

As she has already joined the film school in the US, she will be able to better understand each and everything related to the films. If you look around, many star kids have done the same.

Before entering into the field, they want to get a taste of it. In other words, most star kids (even their parents) want them not just to learn the art of film making but also many other techniques related to that. This will help groom the overall professionalism of the person concerned.

Even before SRK’s daughter Suhana Khan entered the premises of NKU, it was earlier revealed by Ananya Panday that Suhana will be heading for the NYU film school. And also that she will continue study there for some time. And after that happens, she will actively try her luck into films.

This is what Ananya Panday had said about Suhana earlier, “I guess, she will join Bollywood only after she completes her education. After completing her education, she will definitely want to come back and take part in acting,” Ananya said.

in the meanwhile, we all witnessed a number of pictures of Suhana Khan that are going viral these days, especially after she had decided to join NYU film acting school. Talking about fans, they always want that Suhana first complete her education and then actively take part in films just like her father.

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