Internet Sensation Ranu Mondal Records Second Song with Himesh Reshammiya

himesh ranu

Ranu Mondal was unknown a few days back. But now, everyone knows her. In fact, whoever is listening to her voice looks keen to become a fan.

This is what the charisma of her singing that has made everyone surprised. In a short span of time, Ranu has been able to make millions of her fans through her marvelous singing and melodious voice.

Well, this is the story of this lady named Ranu Mondal who used to sing at a railway station in West Bengal. This is when someone made her video when she was singing one of the songs of the legendary Lata Mangeshkar “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai“. Her video got viral on the social media soon after posting. This eventually helped her singing talent to come in front of the masses.

Ranu Mondal had previously recorded a song with Himesh Reshamiya for his upcoming film titled Teri Meri Kahani. But this time, Mondal recorded yet another song with Reshamiya titled Aadat.

Now, it looks like Mondal has finally got her right place. Until now, she was struggling in her life and had no option but to sing in front of people at the Ranaghat Railway station near West Bengal.

Atindra Chakraborty was the one who had shared the video showing her spectacular singing skills recently posted the most recent video of her with Himesh.

At the time of interacting with people in a reality show, Himesh disclosed that Salman Khan’s father had once advised him if he comes across a talented person, he should never let him go.

After Mondal was first discovered by Atindra Chakraborty, he requested her to never stop singing as he liked the beautiful voice of Ranu Mondal, especially when she stunned him with her voice.