Salman Khan to Launch Asha Parekh Biography, Unable to Write His Own

asha parekh biography

Salman Khan always looked keen to launch Asha Parekh biography. And the moment actually arrived when he launched it in the presence of Helen, Dharmendra and others. But the superstar Salman Khan says he’s unable to write his own.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan looked delighted to launch Asha Parekh biography on Monday (April 10, 2017) that will essay her entire life and achievements as a hit Bollywood actress of her time. She has given a plethora of blockbusters to the Indian cinema and has also worked with almost all Bollywood superstars of her time. Some of them include evergreen Dharmendra, Jitendra, Dev Anand and many more.

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Salman is seen for the first time giving a public appearance after his brief vacation in Maldives. He’s credited to have written a foreword for the biography as well. A number of celebrities were invited to be part of the great event that included a few evergreen beauties Aruna Irani, Waheeda Rehman, Jeetendra, Dharmendra, Imran Khan, Jackie Shroff and more.

asha parekh biography
asha parekh biography | Image Credit: YouTube

After Dabangg Khan Khan launched the most awaiting biography for one of the most successful veteran Bollywood actresses of her own time, he looked both nervous and excited. He just said that I don’t deserve to be here at this place and also don’t know what to say to grace the moment.

Asha Parekh biography- Dabangg actor becomes both nervous and excited

He further said that he’s literally finding it difficult to collect words and even sweating due to nervousness. Salman also felt it difficult to write a biography for himself and said I would never be able to write one in my life.

While speaking at the Asha Parekh biography function, Dabangg actor also uttered some kind words for the generation of actors and actresses who entertained us all along our lives. He said we all know these bollywood celebs who have given numerous hits to the industry. He said all those actors, like Ashaji have been great to us as we share the same space.

asha parekh biography
asha parekh biography | Image Credit: YouTube

Salman said my mother and Helen aunty were always so close. At this time, he also cracked a joke saying all today’s girls or actresses should learn from these top actresses of the past who always remained so close to each other. For example, Shammi, Saira and Sadhna aunty always remained together as best friends. But this is something you don’t find in the present generation. He further said that he liked this quality of the older generation which is lacking in our generation.

Soon after leaving his thoughts, Salman Khan was quick to promote the book. He said that he’s amused being a part of the great event and want people to purchase the book. All of you must purchase the book as it would become a means to add more principles and values in your lives.

You will get to know a lot about the lives of the hardships of those you admired all along your lives. The biography will take you to its highs and lows along with numerous fun moments. Salman finally said you must purchase the book also because it will help you elevating you as a person.

The special part of the entire event was both Salman and Asha Parekh dressed almost the same. Asha was seen wearing a black saree whereas Sallu looked ever dashing in a black suit. Also, Dabangg actor has written the foreword for the biography seem as if he wants to debut his career in writing too.