Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan Agree to Host Star Screen Awards

SRK and Salman Khan hosting Star Screen Awards
Shah Rukh Khan Salman Khan | Image Credit: International Business Times

Salman and Shah Rukh have agreed to host Star Screen Awards to be held later this month.

We all know whenever Salman and SRK share the stage together, the news spread like wildfire.

As we witnessed in the past when Shah Rukh appeared in the Bigg Boss, organized by Salman Khan, the whole event got engaged recreating those precious moments of the film ‘Karan Arjun’.

After a series of bad experiences, both stars decided to reunite in the Star Screen Awards where they will not only host the entire event but also manage a huge audience live.

The concert will witness hundreds of guests from the entire Bollywood fraternity. It would also comprise other guests from various walks of lives.

Both Salman and SRK, better recognized as foe-turned-friends in the past, would be presenting the Star Screen Awards to the winners.

You might be wondering about the dates and place of the events. Well, the much awaited Star screen awards function is going to happen on December 4 (Sunday) 2016.

The venue of the mega event will take place in Mumbai at Bandra-Kurla Complex. Both the dates and venue have already been planned in advance to overcome any inconvenience at the later stage.

As per updates, the organizers wanted to call Salman and SRK to host the mega event.

First the organizers had given their inputs about their preferences to host the show.

But they soon had to go through with a lot of trepidation and at last, to their shock, both SRK and Salman decided to organize the whole event.

Actually, there was also a reason to team up the superstars. SRK is witty whereas Salman is known for his humor.

The combination of both the qualities will help to make the show a successful affair.

There is going to be a long guest lists to witness the entire event. The mega event is lined up with a plethora of light moments to be shared by the Khan duo.

Both the stars are equipped of entertaining the guests to the fullest. Now, all fingers are crossed for the mega event.