Yuvraj Singh and Wife Hazel Uncertain About Honeymoon Plans

Hazel Keech
Hazel Keech | Image Credit: moviemint.com

The wedding of Yuvraj and Hazel Keech might be over, but the party is still on.

The couple got married 2 days back near Chandigarh. However, there is a slight conflict regarding the venue of Honeymoon. Both are yet undecided to finalize the venue.

This is because both have their own choices as where to go after marriage for honeymoon. For example, Yuvi wants to go Australia due to his love for the country and also because he played so much cricket out there.

On the other hand Hazel Keech prefers to visit Hawaii. This is because she always dreamt of visiting the most famous Waikiki beach. On the whole, they are uncertain about a few destinations that they decided earlier. They are Australia, Hawaii, Bora Bora and Maldives.

Earlier, Yuvi wanted to retrace the destinations they earlier visited before their marriage. Like the Maldives that they previously visited, they again wanted to explore the place after they tied the knot.

Maldives happens to be such a place where Yuvi popped the question to Hazel Keech for the first time.

On the other hand their post wedding celebrations are still in full swing. We only hope that sooner or later they would be able to finally decide their most favored destinations.

Hazel Keech explored something more on Yuvi regarding their perfect honeymoon destination.

She said when Yuvi gets busy with cricket, he becomes almost unapproachable as he works so hard, but when he’s not playing cricket, he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

She thinks Yuvi becomes a boring person when he’s not doing anything. That’s the reason why the couple is facing hurdles in deciding their hot spot.

The only thing for their rescue is the mood of all the relatives and guests who extended the ceremony for one week. In that sense, the couple still has one week’s time to decide where to go for their honeymoon.