Prakash Padukone Reacts to Ranveer’s Comments Who Calls Deepika Marriage Material

Prakash Padukone who’s Deepika Padukone’s father has reacted to the comments of Ranveer Singh, who called his daughter as marriage material. Before we proceed further to give you the insights, let’s focus on the entire episode.

Ranveer Singh is an altogether different personality in the entire Bollywood fraternity. He’s known to be compassionate and a loving person by nature and never hesitates spreading the message of love to anyone he adores.

By now, everyone in the industry knows that both Ranveer and Deepika are not only good friends but also like each other. They have even spent quality time together. This is one of the reasons why he has all the love and praise for Deepika Padukone, and that too unconditionally! There have been numerous instances where Ranveer has tried to open his heart for DP.

Recently, Ranveer and DP spotted together in Koffee with Karan (season 5). During the conversation, Ranveer had called her marriage material. Earlier, there were rumors about their split when their relationship was going sky high. Reacting to the news, Prakash Padukone (Deepika’s father) looked relaxed by any kind of buzz out there that talked about the love life of his daughter.

Prakash Padukone reacts to the comments made on Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone Filmfare Awards 2013 | Image Credit:

Prakash Padukone says he has given Deepika the entire freedom to take her own decisions in life

Prakash Padukone reacted to the comments of Ranveer Singh. While interacting with Mid Day, he simply said they were grown up individuals (adults) and responsible for their own acts. He further said as a father, he has given Deepika full leverage to take her own decisions.

She’s always free about her decisions in life. Prakash Padukone has given a sorted reply that any father should be proud of. It shows his immense faith on his daughter. That’s the reason he has given full freedom to his daughter while taking her decisions.

It was in the year 20015 when the couple first met during a Film Fare award ceremony. Well, the interaction was not just between Ranveer and DP, it was also between their families as well.

By observing all those ripples coming out of their relationship, it seems the couple’s respected families are still open despite their break up rumors on a couple of earlier occasions.

Prakash Padukone reacts to the comments made on Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone At Photoshoot | Image Credit: Newer Posts

On the previous occasion, the couple was spotted to embrace the big bash wedding ceremony hosted by none other than Ambanis. They appeared to delight the occasion and to quash the rumors of their break up. After that, they even took a flight to Dubai for an award ceremony.

As per the buzz, Ranveer even kissed DP’s forehead before receiving his award (International Man of the Year). So, it’s enough to prove that nothing is sceptical between the two. And we can hear the wedding bells soon!

July 11, 2017
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