Rise of the Ronin: Here’s Everything We Know About Rise of the Ronin


Rise of the Ronin: The wait is finally over for fans eagerly anticipating PlayStation’s release of Rise of the Ronin.

This open-world action game by Team Ninja could very well be the saving grace for the PS5’s somewhat lackluster lineup of exclusives.

Leading up to its release, Team Ninja has been actively promoting the game with trailers, developer interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the development process.

The excitement surrounding Rise of the Ronin is palpable, and fans are eagerly anticipating an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of what we know so far about the game’s story, supported platforms, and more.


Rise of the Ronin Release Date: When is Rise of the Ronin Coming Out?

Rise of the Ronin’s release date is set to arrive sooner than expected. On March 22, 2024, PlayStation will unveil this highly anticipated title to eager fans.

Team Ninja had only recently released Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, an action RPG, which led many to believe Rise of the Ronin would not be available for several more years. However, PlayStation surprised fans by unveiling the game during The Game Awards and setting its release date for March 2024.


Rise of The Ronin Won’t Be Releasing In Korea

As per a related Rise of the Ronin video published by PlayStation on the official YouTube channel, game director Fumihiko Yasuda compared Japanese scholar Yoshida Shōin to Socrates.

This comparison has been met with criticism in the Korean community, as Yoshida Shōin is known for advocating the ‘Jeonghan Theory’, a belief that Japan should conquer Korean lands.


In response to the backlash, PlayStation quickly announced that Rise of the Ronin was not scheduled for launch in Korea from the start. However, given the situation, many are having difficulty accepting this explanation.

Regardless of the actual reason, it appears that Team Ninja games will not be available in Korea for the foreseeable future.

Rise of the Ronin Platforms

Rise of the Ronin is going to be quite exclusive to PS5 consoles, which is in line with expectations given it’s a PlayStation exclusive title. It’s possible a PC port may become available after around two years, but an Xbox version is unlikely.



PlayStation has a lineup of first-party PS5 exclusives slated for release this year. Stellar Blade is set to launch in April, followed by Silent Hill 2 at a later date.

PlayStation 5 owners have a lot to look forward to with these exclusives, and considering the impressive look of Rise of the Ronin, the year is off to a strong start.

Rise of the Ronin Trailer

The newest gameplay overview trailer for Rise of the Ronin is full of sword-fighting, guns, and segments showing the use of a grappling hook and kite for gliding around Bakumatsu Japan, if you can imagine it.

A Blend of Ghost of Tsushima, Sekiro, & Team Ninja’s Original Ideas

Rise of the Ronin seems to draw inspiration from both Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro. The protagonist is seen using different stances, akin to Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima.

Additionally, an enemy with claws is reminiscent of Sekiro’s Long-arm Centipede Giraffe mini-boss. The Ronin’s grappling hook, used for gliding, also mirrors Sekiro’s protagonist.

The gameplay appears to blend Team Ninja’s combat from Wo Long with the best aspects of Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro.

Rise of the Ronin seems heavily influenced by the Soulslike genre, as is typical of Team Ninja’s major titles.

As previously discussed, a behind-the-scenes video, titled Chapter 1: The Beginning, suggests that one or possibly two additional videos may be released in the weeks leading up to the game’s launch.

Rise of the Ronin is shaping up to be a major title for the PS5, surpassing expectations. Fans are hopeful that Team Ninja will deliver one of the best PS5 games to date.


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