Skull and Bones: Treasure Maps Guide & Tips


Treasure maps in Skull and Bones serve as one of the many immersive elements in this pirate-themed game. They not only provide adventure but also challenge players’ critical thinking skills.

Most of the treasure maps in the game are relatively easy to decipher, but a few might pose a challenge.

Despite the potential for some tedium, the rewards of discovering hidden treasures make it worth players’ while. Please check below where we have enlisted ways to check Treasure Maps efficiently.

Finding Treasure Maps


In the game, there are numerous maps waiting to be discovered and navigated. But to unlock treasure maps, players have approximately four different avenues to explore. Keep in mind, however, that these maps will not be found on every enemy ship you encounter.

  • Acquire contract treasure maps as rewards from side quests.
  • Authentic storyline to receive contract treasure maps.
  • Participate in both PvE and PvP events to obtain common and legendary maps.
  • Plunder enemy ships either by boarding them or destroying them to acquire common and legendary maps.

Reading The Maps


The maps will either be stored in your inventory or cargo hold, appearing as either a white rolled-up map or an open, weathered one. Upon clicking on a treasure map, you’ll be given the options to read it, track it, destroy it, or cancel.

Should you opt to read it, you might find a brief paragraph with instructions at the top, followed by an illustration of the island where the treasure lies.

Your first task will be to compare the island on the map with your current location and determine where you are. With that established, you can then navigate to the designated location on the map.

The upper right corner of the map will display symbols indicating what you’re looking for on the island to identify the spot where the treasure is hidden. Additionally, there will be a red X marking the precise location you need to reach..

Finding The Treasure


Upon completing the requisite task indicated on the treasure map, you can then start searching for the area where the treasure is concealed.

Please be sure to consult the image in the top-right corner of the map, which will assist you in identifying the specific structure you are looking for.

Once you have located the structure, the treasure should be buried close by, and this will be highlighted by a glowing orange light above it. Interact with the spot, and you will commence the process of excavating the treasure.

These chests may contain an array of items, including apparel that can be utilized to upgrade and modify your appearance.

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