PUBG Season 13 Update Will Launch On May 13 on Android & iOS

pubg season 13

As per the latest gaming update, PUBG Season 13 Royale is going to launch on May 13, 2020.

The most amazing part about the update is that it will include both Android and iOS and is expected to include an improved version of Miramar map. The same will also be launching a day earlier and will be introduced to sandstorms.

Taking the reference of what Express UK has said, this is what you should know, “Always be in the range of shelter! You don’t want to be caught out in the open with nowhere to hide. Drive slowly while the sandstorm rages. Visibility is drastically reduced so you need to be much more careful. The sandstorm and high-speed winds HURT. You’ll need to wear high-level equipment if you are repositioning during the storm.”

Now, there is something more that PUBG users need to be aware of. First, if they are able to update the game on or before May 13, 2020, this will fetch them as many as three free items including one radio, 2,888 BP and 3 Lieutenant Parsc backpack. Don’t you think it’s a fair deal? Well, it looks like to be.

The new update coming up for all PUBG users is going to be quite sizeable one and will require storage capacity of 1.97 GB on all Android devices.

At the same time, it will also require a storage space of 2.21 GB on all iOS devices.

Even before the update, the company has already updated the tutorial guides and RP push notification which is an integral part of the game series.

Not only this, the RP mission reminders are also redesigned lately. This has been done to gauge the progress of players.

The players are also allowed to complete the Toy Mystery of the Puppet Agent and can easily unlock all the very upgrades available. At the moment, the Puppet Agent comprises as many as 3 forms to choose from.


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