Palworld Feature Sought By Fans to Help Players Steer Clear of Major Errors

  • Palworld players suggest adding a padlock icon to prevent accidental selling or condensing of valuable Pals in the game.
  • Community ideas include adding weather events for more dynamic gameplay and a work priority system to manage tasks efficiently.
  • Despite missing features, Palworld remains popular with plans for future updates like PvP, raid bosses, and crossplay options.

What Is Palworld?

Palworld is a new game developed by the Japanese game company Pocket Pair, combining action, adventure, survival, and creature collection.

In a vibrant open world, players encounter and can capture creatures called Pals, which can be used in multiple ways, from combat and base construction to automation of tasks in base management.


Platform Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC
Genre Survival, Shooter, Open-World
Release Date January 19, 2024
Developer Pocket Pair, Inc.
Publisher Pocket Pair, Inc.



The game offers solo and online multiplayer modes, with servers accommodating up to 32 players. Palworld was announced in 2021 and released in January 2024, initially for Windows and Xbox platforms.

Latest On Palworld Video Game

One Palworld player recommended the addition of a padlock icon to avoid accidental selling, butchering, or condensing of Pals.

This idea was proposed as a way to enhance the user experience. Despite being one of the year’s most successful releases, Palworld’s player base is beginning to observe certain absent features that could enhance the overall gameplay.

Palworld players, seeking more dynamic gameplay, have proposed the introduction of weather events like wind, snow, and thunder.

The community also suggests enhancing the construction system by allowing for the movement of furniture and improved foundation adjustments without demolition.

Additionally, the inclusion of a work priority system—a staple of management games—is something players are eagerly awaiting. A player has recently suggested another useful feature aimed at better Pals management.

Reddit user garbageisreddit119 proposed a solution for Palworld players concerned about inadvertently losing valuable Pals.

By introducing a padlock icon in the Pals summary screen, players could securely lock their Pals to prevent unintended actions like condensing, butchering, or selling them.

The proposed feature would be particularly beneficial for players who own rare or sentimentally significant creatures. Since condensing a Pal, similar to butchering or selling, is irreversible, a single mistaken click could lead to a costly error.


Palworld Players Call for Feature to Lock Pals

The idea of adding a padlock to Palworld’s Pals summary screen gained support from other Reddit users, many of whom shared their unfortunate experiences with accidental actions.

For instance, one player mistakenly condensed a valuable four-star Anubis, while another accidentally sold a Jormuntide with valuable passives. Another user wished for a Pokémon-like system to organize new catches, and one suggested a tagging feature akin to Pokémon GO.

While Palworld currently lacks certain features, its future appears promising. Planned updates include PvP, Raid bosses, and crossplay, although a padlock for Pals is not on the list.

However, with Pocket Pair committed to supporting the game through updates, players anticipate smoother gameplay in the future.



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