Outlander Season 3 Premiere Date 2017 Revealed- See Insights

outlander season 3 premiere date 2017

Outlander season 3 premiere date 2017 has been revealed by Starz, in collaboration with SPTN (Sony Pictures Television Network). The series has always been special for fans and is also nominated for Golden-Globe awards. 

The upcoming drama series has also revealed its first official poster for the new season. It largely encapsulates some of the major issues faced at the time of its start. As you see, Claire (as Caitriona Balfe) happens to be in 20th Century America, whereas Jamie is of 18th Century Scotland, both of them are not happy about each other’s absence.

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Outlander Season 3 to be based on ‘Voyager’

The 3rd season of Outlander will comprise 13 episodes and will be based upon “Voyager,”. It’s 3rd of 8 books in the most famous Outlander series. The television show is credited to have developed by none other than Ronald D, who is the executive producer of the entire series.

outlander season 3 premiere date 2017
outlander season 3 premiere date 2017 | Image Credit: Hall Of Fame Magazine

The much adorable drama series is going to attend Comic-Con International. At the same time, San Diego is reported to have offered their fans to remain personal and close.

They are seen on the opposite side of each other. Both are set in an entirely different eras. For example, Claire in 1960s and Jamie in 1700s. In addition to this, the key art has been shot by Jason Bell.

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You might be wondering when the 3rd season of the Outlander season 3 will start. Well, as per the inputs collected, the new season picks up at the time when Claire is shown travelling through the unprecedented stones in order to return to her life in the year 1948.

At this time, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is pregnant but has to struggle with the fallout of her reappearance. She’s pregnant with Jamie’s child. All this seems to make an impact with her first husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies).

If we look in the past, Jamie suffers the loss of Claire in the 18th century. He also suffers from the backwash of his doomed at the momentous battle of Culloden.

Outlander season 3 premiere date 2017 is released along with poster and pictures. After time elapsed, both Claire and Jamie try to make a life without the presence of each other. They continue to get haunted by the convulsions of their lost love. There is still some hope that Claire returned back to Jamie in the past bringing new hope.

The fresh and new Outlander season will showcase the difficulties being faced by Claire while returning back through the stones in the year 1948. The prime reason for that is the failure of her marriage with Frank due to her carrying the child of Jamie. 

As Jamie and Claire are already handling the aftermath of their separation, they must try something new in order to start their life with each other. Mystery, adversity and adventure await them (like always) as they plan something new for them.

Outlander season 3 premiere date 2017- See the newly released poster and pics

The big question still exists: Will they be able to find each other? If yes, then when will this happen? Will they still remain same who parted their ways years back at the standing stones?

Diana Gabaldon Outlander series has become so famous that her novel based on the famous Outlander series has sold close to 30 million copies across the globe. Not only that, all her books have managed to grace with NY times best-seller novels.

Diana J. Gabaldon is a famous author from the USA and is known for her novels based on Outlander series. Her books consist of a plethora of genre showcasing the elements of adventure, romance, mystery, historical fiction, etc.

One of her novels based on Oleander series has been premiered on Starz in the year 2014 for the first time.