A Ghost Story 2017- The Film’s Coming Soon to Haunt You

a ghost story 2017

A Ghost Story 2017 is an upcoming American drama film to be released on July 7, 2017. The film is written and directed by none other than David Lowery. The movie stars Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck.
The other supporting artists who have performed in this movie include Sonia Acevedo, Will Oldham, Liz Franke and Rob Zabrecky.

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The film A Ghost Story 2017 already had its world premiere on January 22, 2017 on the occasion of Sundance Film Festival. As per the current updates, the movie is going to release on July 7, 2017. Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at the plot of David Lowery’s upcoming flick:

Movie Name:                    A Ghost Story
Genre:                                 Drama
Release Date:                July 7,  2017
Directed By:                    David Lowery
Written By:                    David Lowery
Casts:                               Casey Affleck, Rob Zabrecky, Sonia Acevedo, Rooney Mara, Will Oldham

a ghost story 2017
a ghost story 2017 | Image Credit: Discover Movies to Pin

A Ghost Story 2017 is not going to scare, but haunt you

A Ghost story is an upcoming movie starring Casey Affleck. The film is not going to scare you as it doesn’t even has to say ‘Boo’. But it has everything to haunt you due to the presence of frequently glowing lights along with ghosts and soulfulness linger that might leave you in a state of distress.

As per the saying “the best review of any upcoming movie would be nothing more than a few words go and see it”. This is because its nothing better to watch a movie first, before predicting anything about it.

The plot of the film can be narrated in a simple sentence. The 89 minute wraith of a film doesn’t need anything more than bare-bones explanation. As per the plot, the ghost of a man starts haunting at his last residence after his death. It seems that the ghost is waiting for something from his beloved.

a ghost story 2017
a ghost story 2017 | Image Credit: YouTube

The film starts by displaying the night view which is full of stars and the same is displayed at the end of the movie. But we must tell you that A Ghost Story is not a horror movie. It’s actually not more than a kind of fairy-tale drama. However, if anyone is expecting the film to have all those jump scares or a plethora of ratcheting suspense sequences, then they might leave disappointed.

Well, the story relates to C (Casey Affleck) who works as a struggling musician. He lives along with his wife named Rooney Mara. One night, something weird happens in their living room when the couple hears a big bang on their sole piano. But they fail to find the source of such a loud noise. But the story gets a twist when C meets a car accident and gets killed just outside their home.

After C’s death, he is sent to the morgue, but soon awakens to become a ghost. He now looks frightening wearing a white sheet with 2 black holes embedded for eyes. After he transforms into a ghost, he starts wandering aimlessly, but no one is able to trace him down. Soon he comes near the hallway of the hospital and notices a bright flashing light just in front of him. As soon as he stares at it, the doorway gets closed.

a ghost story 2017
a ghost story 2017 | Image Credit: YouTube

A Ghost Story 2017 is full of twists as no one expected C’s ghost to leave the hospital. Well, he only leaves the hospital but also heads towards his house. After reaching there, he finds his wife grieving over the loss. He continues to watch her minutely for countless number of days and weeks.

This is the time when C’s ghost sees another ghost in the house. After he continues to have a close watch on his wife, he sees his wife is roaming around with a new boyfriend. This makes him angry and he decides to turn all the lights flicker and eventually starts throwing all the books off a bookshelf.

a ghost story 2017
a ghost story 2017 | Image Credit: IMDb

This makes M upset. But C’s ghost gets way more upset when she says that she’s waiting for someone in the house but is unable to remember him.

The time progresses slowly and steadily and one day, M decides to hear a song written by C for her (when he was alive). But M finally decides to leave the house, leaving a note and C’s ghost behind.

After some time, C’s ghost decides to observe the future occupants of the house, who look busy listening to one of the guests named Will Oldham. But soon the party goers observe the scorching lights going flicker. After the passage of time, the house gets derelic and abandoned.

A Ghost Story 2017 may well haunt you, but won’t scare you much. It’s A24 release and has been rated R by the Motion Pics., even though it has shown a plethora of disturbing images and brief language. The film has a running time of approx 87 minutes and is given 2.5 stars out of 4.