Gal Gadot Teases Crossover Between Wonder Woman & Black Adam

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Famous Hollywood actress Gal Gadot says she looks forward to her superhero  avatar of ‘Wonder Woman.

The way Gadot has entertained the audience by appearing in various superhero characters is commendable. And that’s what the audience expects from her.

As per an update, Gal may team up with Black Adam which is expected to be portrayed soon by Dwayne Johnson.

While having an interaction with a news portal, Gadot specifically teased a crossover between ‘Wonder Woman and Black Adam.

When the actress was asked to give details, she told that she’s comfortable with her super woman avatar for now. And in no way she likes to steal all the thunder from Dwayne Johnson in his next film titled Black Adam.

Take a look at what she stated, “I think that first of all, let’s give Black Adam the respect of Black Adam. I don’t want to come and steal anybody’s thunder. It’s The Rock, come on, I can’t steal his thunder. But maybe in the future, who knows,” She said.

Gadot is all set to perform in some other projects. One of them is Red Notice where she will be performing with Ryan Reynolds and Johnson. When she was asked to give her opinion about working with Johnson and Reynolds, she says it’s great to work with her previous co stars.

The actress has played a memorable role of Gisele Yashar three times in ‘Fast & Furious’ movie series. Later, she also shared that there is no such plan for her character to return to those franchises.

‘Oh wow, I don’t know. I have no idea. Right now it’s not on my to-do list.”

Currently, Gal Gadot is enjoying the success of her recently released film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. Let’s give some more time for this film to ascertain its performance at the box office. She also stated that she never expected women could be super hero.

“When I grew up, there weren’t many strong female characters to look up to. I remember being a kid and a scaredy cat. I was afraid of the dark, and whenever I thought a thief was going to come, or whatever, my dad, Superman, was going to save the day,” the actress said.



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