Next Terminator Movie to Star Arnold Schwarzenegger Again

terminator movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in the next Terminator movie, subsiding all the speculation about his appearance in the upcoming Terminator franchise.

Well, we guess, no one would have gotten mileage upon uttering a single phrase (“I’ll be back”) over 30 years back. It had once stated by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1984 released Terminator.

Now, he is using the same phrase again after confirming his association in the upcoming Terminator series reboot to be produced by James Cameron. The new Terminator series is also being called as Terminator 6. But nothing has been finalized about the installment so far.

So far, the filmmakers wanted to go ahead with their original piece of work revolving around the fresh Terminator trilogy that was bound to kick start with 2015 released Terminator Genisys. This movie (not appreciated by many though) proved its worth as it worked on the travel time after completely rewriting the astounding history of the sci-fi theme.

terminator movie
terminator movie | Image Credit: movieweb

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Although, Arnold (yet again) tried reprising his big iconic character, but couldn’t make it in the good books of his fans. After a passage of time, Paramount has decided to end the existing trilogy.

All that has now gone past after the emergence of the original creator James Cameron, who has decided to produce yet another Terminator movie. Albeit, no details have been made official about the movie, but the recent Arnold visit at the public forum revealed that he is going to reprise his evergreen iconic character that relates to the history of thunderous action classics. Well, we need to wait for some time to get the right picture in front of us.

The upcoming Terminator movie will feature Arnold in the lead role

On the other hand, Arnold doesn’t seem to be interested working with Shane Black’s The Predator. The actor has himself confirmed that he won’t be appearing in this movie and turned down the offer to work in the Sci-Fi thriller due to his own reasons.

terminator movie
terminator movie | Image Credit: YouTube

The foremost reason why he turned down the offer is that he thinks the script is not interesting. Another reason why he denied the offer is because the first part was quite small. It now seems that the actor might decide to work for Netflix in the coming time.

As per the updates, the Terminator franchise creator and producer James Cameron will produce the new Terminator movie, whereas Tim Miller (Deadpool director) will helm their new venture. Well, it’s now clear that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back as he just announced.