Half Girlfriend Box Office Collection Day 5- The Film Amassed Rs 37.15 Crore


Before we update you with Half Girlfriend box office collection day 5, let’s take a look at how the film has been performing for the last couple of days.

In this post, we will not only update you with the box office collection of ‘Half Girlfriend’ till date but also let you know about yet another movie- Hindi Medium, released at the same time.

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Well, by looking at the Half Girlfriend box office collection day 5, it seems that the film is going strong after successfully completing five days in the middle. Not only this, it has amassed Rs 37.15 crore earnings in a span of four days. On the other hand, Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium has not performed so well as compared to Arjun and Shraddha Kapoor’s Half Girlfriend.

half girlfriend box office collection day 5
half girlfriend box office collection day 5 | Image Credit: Firstpost

Even after getting trolled for the mediocre content on social media, Half Girlfriend still managed to take a lead. It seems that the audience is enjoying the film by ignoring everything being populated wrongly about the film. This is one of the reasons why Mohit Suri’s film is a hit.

This can also be evaluated by looking at the gross box office collection of the movie, which has crossed over Rs 37.15 crore (in just 4 days).

Half Girlfriend box office collection day 5- The film successfully overpowered Baahubali mania

The newly released movie has been getting so much love and traction from Millennials. There is no doubt about the emerging popularity graph that now seems quite evident, especially among young minds and hearts. Half Girlfriend also seems unaffected by the ongoing Baahubali mania in the recent past. However, other films have largely been affected due to this in the recent past.

half girlfriend box office collection day 5
half girlfriend box office collection day 5 | Image Credit: YouTube

Half Girlfriend was released on as many as 3600 screens across the country and was made on an approximate budget of Rs 37 crore. Another big release also happened at the same time titled Hindi Medium, starring Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan. The film has till now (in 4 days) collected Rs 3.15 crore at the box office, which is slightly more than its Friday (May 19, 2017) collection of Rs 2.8 crore.

Taran Adarsh, (trade analyst) closely observes all such ups and downs at the box office. He has shared (via Twitter) the half girlfriend box office collection day 5. Take a look-

  • Friday collection- 10.27 crore
  • Saturday collection- 10.63 crore
  • Sunday collection- 11.14 crore
  • Monday collection- 5.11 crore

Total collection (Half Girldfriend)- Rs 37.15 crore

Now, take a look at the figures of Hindi Medium-

  • Friday collection- 2.81 crore
  • Saturday collection- 4.25 crore
  • Sunday collection- 5.50 crore
  • Monday collection- 3.15 crore

Total collection (Hindi Medium)- Rs 15.71 crore

Even before the release of the film, Arjun Kapoor had disclosed “Half Girlfriend spoof revealed a powerful and witty love story. And it happens the same ways as well. After a movie is released, you gradually come across with different opinions about what people think about a particular movie. This is what happened with our film as we got the film promotion without doing much”.

half girlfriend box office collection day 5
half girlfriend box office collection day 5 | Image Credit: YouTube

Arjun further said people looked busy creating spoofs about the film and giving their positive opinions about the newly released flick. And they are just concerned about their own enjoyment and nothing more than that. If they get it, they feel satisfied.



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