Murder On the Orient Express 2017 Release Date, Cast and Trailer


Before we present you the insights of Murder On the Orient Express 2017, let’s take a look at the movie plot and other details.

Murder on the Orient Express 2017 happens to be the upcoming American movie to be released later this year. It will be a mystery film directed by none other than Kenneth Branagh.

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murder on the orient express 2017
murder on the orient express 2017 | Image Credit: Empire


The screenplay is done by Michael Green and is primarily based on a famous novel written by Agatha Christie. The upcoming movie stars Branagh along with Willem Dafoe, Penélope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Daisy Ridley in their supporting acts. Well, having said that the film will be released in the US on November 10, 2017 by none other than 20th Century Fox.


Movie Name:                   Murder On the Orient Express (2017)
Genre:                               Mystery, Suspense, Drama
Release Date:                November 10, 2017
Directed By:                  Kenneth Branagh
Produced By:                Judy Hofflund, Ridley Scott, Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer
Casts:                              Penélope Cruz, Kenneth Branagh, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe

Before moving ahead, we would also like to update you with another fact. The upcoming movie happens to be the 4th adaptation of the novel by Christie. This is followed by Agatha 1974 movie, a 2001 TV movie, and finally a 2010 series of Poirot (by Agatha Christie).

Murder On the Orient Express 2017 Release Date

Murder On the Orient Express 2017 Release Date is scheduled on November 10, 2017. The first look at the movie and its entire cast has been already released on May 3 by Entertainment Weekly.

murder on the orient express 2017
murder on the orient express 2017 | Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

As we updated you earlier that the upcoming movie happens to be an adaptation of Agatha Christle’s novel in 1934, the plot almost revolves around the novel that hinges on a plethora of interrogations after a detective from Belgium tries hard to find out the probable killer who boarded the Europe-crossing train.

Murder On the Orient Express 2017 Cast

The upcoming film stars Johnny Depp in the leading role. The other supporting actors include Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, Judi Dench and Willem Dafoe. In this movie, Branagh will also be playing the role of a detective by the name Hercule Poirot.

Murder on the Orient Express Trailer: Watch Johnny Depp and Kenneth Branagh in first trailer

In this detective and mysterious star studded version of Agatha’s drama, Branagh is seen both directing and taking the role of ‘Hercule Poirot’. Watch the trailer #2 for the film that was recently released.

As you know that the upcoming movie starring Johnny Depp and others is basically an adaptation of a novel by Christie released in 1934, the plot soon becomes the unsolved mystery till the time Branagh takes up the case. He has to accomplish the task which is simply to investigate the murder of a fellow passenger aboard a long-distance train.

Story Plot-

A swift and lavish train going through Europe takes no less time in becoming a mystery of as many as 13 strangers who are stranded on the train. In this thrilling episode, everyone looks a suspect. Well, in order to beat the stress, one man must come forward to solve this anonymity befor the actual murderer strikes again.

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