COVID-19 Pandemic: Salman Khan’s Co-Star Pooja Dadwal Asks Him For Help

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Pooja Dadwal who worked with Salman Khan in a 1995 film titled Veergati has asked the superstar to help her after she developed early symptoms due to Covid-19.

The situation due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis is going beyond control in some parts of the country where you can find the pandemic is prevailing.

Coming back to Pooja Dadwal who knows Salman Khan for the last 25 years has once again reached out to the actor for help. Currently, the actress is living with her husband in Goa.

Earlier, she was staying in Mumbai and was even busy for the shooting of a film. Pooja now says that she has already spent all the earnings made from her last film. For now, she has borrowed a sum of 500-1000 from someone for the initial check up.

She insists that she can’t borrow more money from anyone to facilitate her treatment as she doesn’t like to be treated with borrowed money. It’s not the first time that she is asking for help from Salman Khan.

On one of the previous occasions too, Salman has reached her out to help her when she was suffering from TB. At that time, Salman asked her to bear all the expenses of her treatment.

Well, you might be willing to know what the actress originally has to say in her statement. Take a look what she says, “I have earlier asked for Salman’s help and he came to my rescue. He helped me with my treatment in Mumbai for six to eight months and later he took care of my living in Goa. Today, once again I am in trouble and asking for his help. I don’t feel like pleading for help each time from Salman but no one else comes forward to support and help except Salman. I am once again in trouble Salman, please help me.” She confirms.

Pooja also mentioned in her statement that all the symptoms look alike to COVID-19 pandemic. But she doesn’t want to borrow money to get her treated. Instead, she would like to take help directly from Salman Khan.

In her long message, she also explained her current position as she has been staying in Goa with her family.

Prior to that she was living in Mumbai and even had worked in a film. But at this point of time, she has no money to take care of her health.

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