Marina Kuwar Shares Post After Sonu Nigam Blasts Bhushan Kumar in Viral Video

marina kuwar bhushan kumar

You might have gone through one of the viral videos of the music icon Sonu Nigam a few days back.

In that video, Sonu had blasted T Series owner Bhushan Kumar for his alleged controversies. One such controversy is related to a film actress Marina Kuwar whom he mentioned in the video.

After Sonu roasted Bhushan Kumar hard, he revealed how the biggest music mafia in the Bollywood industry has captured everything. He also touched a few more points about the working of all these music kingpins. Also Read: Rakhi Sawant Shares A Video Stating that Sushant Singh Rajput Will Reborn As Her Son

Before ending the video, Sonu not only threatened Bhushan Kumar but also warned him of dare consequences if he continues to harm him in any way. He also mentioned that he will expose him.


The singer counted a few controversies of Bhushan Kumar in the video posted by him yesterday. He reminded the time when Bhushan had asked him for help from the underworld don Abu Salem.

In the later part of the video, Sonu said that he will post the video of Marina Kuwar if he continues harassing him. After Sonu posted the video on YouTube, it didn’t take long going viral. Also Read- Ayushmann Khurrana’ Quote Karan Johar ‘works only with stars’ Goes Viral After Sushant Singh Rajput’s Demise

The impact of the video was such that Marina Kuwar herself took to Instagram and Twitter and shared a cryptic post where she mentioned that she is currently suffering from depression.

The TV actress further revealed that one of the core reasons why she has gone into depression is because of all those unwanted incidents that devastated her life. Also Read- Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out at Mukesh Bhatt for Making Inappropriate Comments

In case, you don’t recognize Marina Kuwar, let’s give you a quick recap. Marina happens to be a well known TV actress who has previously worked in many TV serials like Aahat and CID.


This is what she has to say about all those toxic incidents that almost had ruined her life. Now, this is what she has to say, “When your life changes drastically due to some unwanted incidents happened in your life, that time you choose to go into depression. No one knows how badly these incidents affect your life. Sometimes we give up and we end up with our life! Feeling so depressed #Depression #Life #MarinaKuwar.”

The TV actress also shared her thoughts on Instagram where she writes, “The first one read, “I have depression. But I prefer to say ‘I battle’ depression, instead of ‘I suffer’ with it because depression hits, but I hit back. Battle on.” Also Read: 5 Big Things Happened in Bollywood During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The details Marina gave about Bhushan Kumar is that when she went to the office of Bhushan for a meeting related to a music video; the latter asked her to visit her office cum home where he molested her.

But she managed to run out of the house after his wife called him up. This is how she escaped from the trap. Also Read- Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out at Mukesh Bhatt for Making Inappropriate Comments




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