Anushka Sharma Comes Out in Support for Zareen Khan Against Trolls

Zareen Khan trolls

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan had to face trolls on social media when she had once shared one of her pictures. Soon after that, she started getting trolled regarding the stretch marks that were clearly visible on her stomach. After this episode, Anushka Sharma came out in support for the actress.

After this Zareen Khan who is currently in Udaipur took to her social media handle and shared just another picture with a motivational track. This is what she wrote this time, “Please do not let them get you down and making you even feel guilty about anything. You deserve all the good things.”

At this time, especially when trolls body shamed Zareen Khan, Anushka Sharma came out in the open to support Zareen. While coming out in the open to support Zareen, Anushka said many things in praise for the latter.

This is what she wrote on her social media account, “Zareen, you’re strong, brace and beautiful just the way you look.” In fact, Zareen took this positively and called this as a sweet gesture.

This became quite evident when Zareen clarified things that she was not even friends with Anushka Sharma as both of them met only briefly at social gatherings. She further added that this is a perfect example to look how one strong woman understands another one.

Zareen further writes that she doesn’t like photo shopping but tend to keep it real even on social media unlike many others who use photo shopping most extensively to look graceful.

Zareen even tried to clarify things on her part and took to her Instagram account and posted, “For those who still look curious regarding my stomach, let me tell them that my stomach is quite natural as it looks after I lost 15 kg of weight. And this is how it looks when you shed weight naturally. Also, it’s not done surgically nor photo shopped in any way.”