Maharashtra Government Allows Commencement of Shooting from June 7


The 2nd wave of coronavirus originated from Maharashtra and very soon devastated the entire nation. Hundreds of people lost their lives.

Even after the central and state governments announced lockdown, the condition didn’t improve much. But now, (after a gap of 3 weeks), it looks like it has slowed down a bit.

Looking at the slowing down of the 2nd wave of coronavirus congress rehabilitation minister Vijay Wadettiwar has confirmed that the state government will follow the unlock process in the state of Maharashtra by looking at the slowing down of the 2nd wave of coronavirus.

As per the plan (that still needs to be made into effect), it has been decided that the city will be divided as per the positivity rates registered on a weekly basis. It will also be decided on the percentage of occupancy of oxygen beds in hospitals.

The state government will allow more relaxation (in the coming time) in areas that show lesser positivity of COVID-19 cases. But the sad part of this announcement is that these rules are still to be passed by the state government of Maharashtra.

It all happened  on June 5 when the government declared that the entire unlocking process of the state is still being followed. However, it will take place in a 5 step process. Take a look at what it’s all about.

First comes the Level 3 plan according to which only those districts and cities in Maharashtra will unlock that have a positivity rate of 5-10% or oxygen bed occupancy not more than 40%. Mumbai currently falls under this category.

Under the Level 3 guidelines, cinema halls will not be allowed to open. It’s only shootings that can take place. But shooting will also have to happen as per the rules and regulations. For example, there will be no shoot after 5 PM.

Under the Level 1 however, districts and cities that fall under the positivity rate under 5% and oxygen occupancy rate below 25% will be given a green signal to cinema halls to operate. Under this clause, shopping malls will also be allowed to operate.

Now, those directly connected with the making of films have responded in favor of the government for allowing shooting to resume.

One such person has to say that it’s a great move of the government as there are many shootings that are yet to be completed.

Considering the case of top Bollywood actors and stars, there are many films where shootings had to be cancelled. One such film producer was Aditya Chopra who decided to dismantle the entire set of Salman Khan starrer Tiger 3 due to financial issues.

In the same ways, there are many more films that have been postponed. Most producers now want their respective units to first get vaccinated before resuming the shoot.

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