Look What Jaya Bachchan Has to Say on Film Making

Jaya Bachchan
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Do you know what veteran actress ‘Jaya Bachchan‘ has to say about the making of films? Well, she doesn’t look impressed the way most filmmakers are indulged in making money by creating films. She said they’re busy creating more business and numbers instead of art. That’s the reason why she doesn’t look satisfying with the making of films nowadays.

When asked about some relevant questions about the films that were created during 1950s and 1960s, she had all the praise. For example, she had complaints regarding the content that is being served to the audiences. However, during her times, the content used to be much better and to the specific audiences.

Jaya Bachchan says in the present time, everything is being thrown at the face of audiences. The art is lacking from most of the films at present. You can see a plethora of them being produced everyday without much sense. She said today people have almost forgotten subtlety.

You can see everything from the naked eyes as people don’t feel ashamed while indulging in illicit affairs. Everywhere, it’s being highlighted about the business. For example, film’s box office collection, films, going into the 100 Crore club, how much a film earned on the weekends and so on.

Jaya Bachchan doesn’t appreciate modern cinema any longer

Jaya Bachchan
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In the past, there used to be an actress and a vamp. But now both the roles are being played by the same actress. They’re made to wear a kind of ‘Itsy Bitsy’ dresses and also made to perform well on item numbers. However, if we discuss about regional cinema, in general, which stays true to the people of this country. But Bollywood seems married to money.

The scenario has been completely changed now. Bollywood has now become a glimpse of what’s happening in the west. This is because our people are quite influenced by the west. They don’t feel more interested watching Indian art and films any longer. That’s the reason you may observe a number of rip-offs of western cinema.

During the entire session, a number of avid speakers and actors took part, but Apurva Asrani said that audience also required to take some responsibility as well. It means people who pose as an audience should come forward should take initiatives in making a film worth to watch instead of criticising Bollywood.

In this way, the Bollywood is all about the fraternity of films, but its you who need to decide the authentication of such movies from time to time.