Latest Bollywood News June 7- Katrina Kaif Talks About Bharat Success

katrina Kaif

Latest Bollywood Movies June 7– In this section, we are going to update you about what most celebrities are thinking about the success of Bharat including Katrina Kaif.

katrina Kaif

Well, before we let you know, what Katrina Kaif thinks about the same, let us take you through the success of Bharat in our own words. Ever since this Salman Khan movie hit the screen, it started creating a buzz across the industry.

You might be willing to know the reason. It’s simply because of the kind of response all of them got after the release of the film.

If you analyze what most film critics had to say about this, then you will come to know that most of them had predicted that Bharat is expected to do well. In short, the Salman Khan film can make anywhere between Rs 30-35 crore.

But after the film finally hit the screen, it achieved a major success at the box office by collecting a mammoth Rs 42.30 crore on the opening day itself. Not only this, it is slowly inching towards Rs 100 crore mark.

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Now, when Katrina Kaif was asked to give her views on the success of Bharat, she was quick to answer. And we were able to read all the triumph in her eyes. Katrina said that she already knew that Bharat will perform well at the box office after it hit the screen on June 5, 2019.

She further revealed “Ever since I read the script of Bharat, I knew that it is something which is going to work. I was confident enough that Bharat will do well.” If you take a feedback from those movie goers who have already watched the film, you will come to know the real reason behind the film’s success.


Latest Bollywood News June 7- The audience liked the film plot

After we spoke with a few of them, it was revealed that most of them not only liked Salman Khan playing the role in the film, but also the entire plot. And this is probably one reason (out of the heaps) that is being highlighted regarding the film’s overall success.

When Katrina was asked to give details about her own character in the film, she said “I liked playing the character in the film. I was too much passionate from the very beginning about being a part of the film.

And when it comes about my role, I really enjoyed it playing all the way better than any other role.” Katrina further said that she was positive about the feedback of Bharat as she knew that it is going to perform at the box office.

And probably, this is the reason why Katrina is getting all the praise and appreciation from the audience. She owes the success to the audience by saying that it is all due to the audience as they liked and appreciated the film.


Movie Name:                              Bharat
Genre:                                            Action, Drama
Released Date:                           Eid, 2019
Directed By:                                Ali Abbas Zafar
Producer:                                    Salman Khan
Casts:                                            Salman Khan, Katrina KaifSunil Grover


Katrina Kaif further pointed out that the success of Bharat is not due to an individual effort. It’s mainly due to the collaborative effort shown by the entire team of Bharat. She even remembered the time when the entire team had to work seamlessly for long hours.

In fact, the team has been working hard for the last 3 years. Along with that, it had to go through so many controversies in the past. One of them happened to be the exit of Priyanka Chopra who had been a part of the film from the very beginning.

After her exit, Salman chose to replace her with Katrina Kaif. Now, with the film’s success, everybody is making a noise.


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Alvira and Atul Agnihotri worked hard to get the rights for the remake of “Ode To My Father”

On the success of Bharat, Katrina feels that everyone worked hard in the film including Alvira and Atul Agnihotri who worked hard in getting the rights for the remake of Ode To My Father.

She further discussed how the film made everyone to go passionate about their own character. In fact, the script of the film was so encouraging for everyone who happened to be a part of Bharat.

Please know that Ode to My Father happens to be a Korean drama movie that has been directed by none other than Yoon Je-kyoon that stars Yunjin Kim and Hwang Jung-min.

The film mainly depicts the Korean history right from 1950’s till today by narrating the journey of a common man. The film also shows various events during this time including Hungnam Evacuation (1950) at the time of Korean and Vietnam War.