Karan Johar Shares Heartfelt Birthday Message for Salman Khan, Expresses Joy for Their 25-Year Reunion: Bollywood News

Karan Johar

Celebrating Salman Khan’s 58th birthday, Karan Johar took a special moment to write a touching note. Reflecting on their journey since Karan’s directorial debut with “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,” the filmmaker expressed his joy about their upcoming collaboration in the grand project titled “The Bull.”



Karan Johar Shares Heartfelt Birthday Message for Salman Khan, Expresses Joy for Their 25-Year Reunion

Karan Johar reminisced about his first encounter with Salman Khan during the casting phase for the role of Aman in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.” He recalled being at a party where Salman, a major movie star, approached him, noting his solitude. Karan mentioned having approached several actors for the role, facing rejections until Salman, on the suggestion of his sister who admired Karan’s script, invited him for a narration session the following day.

He continued to add, “In my wildest dreams I never imagined I would even get the opportunity of a narration … I went with a prayer in my heart and a deep desire for a miracle and narrated the first of the film like my life depended on it… He looked at me at the interval point ( by then I was looking like I was at the Sahara desert and water could keep me alive ) kindly offered me water and said “ I’’m on!!! “ I was perplexed and said but “ you are in the second half” you haven’t heard it? He said “ I love your father and my sister will kill me if I don’t do this movie” and that’s how Salman Khan was in KKHH ….”

Johar also conveyed appreciation to Alvira Agnihotri and wrapped up the note by expressing profound gratitude for Alvira and his father’s support in securing the perfect Aman and SALMAN KHAN for his debut film! Karan acknowledged that such gestures and narratives are rare in today’s times.

He extended warm birthday wishes to Salman, sharing his deep affection and respect. Karan hinted at an upcoming tale after 25 years, keeping the details mysterious with a tease, and ended the message with a string of heart emojis.


When they talked about reuniting, Salman Khan had previously hinted at working together in the film “The Bull” during an event. Now, Karan Johar has once again confirmed this collaboration. The upcoming movie is anticipated to be directed by Vishnu Vardhan.



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