Karan Johar Presents the Heartfelt Trailer of Love Storiyaan: “Join Us As We Delve Into the Depths of Authentic Love”

Love Storiyaan Trailer

Love Storiyaan Trailer: Today, Prime Video released the trailer for its upcoming Hindi Amazon Original series, Love Storiyaan. The series showcases six heartwarming tales of love that have prevailed through challenges and emerged victorious against all odds.

The series is well produced by Dharmatic Entertainment, conceived by Somen Mishra, with Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Mishra serving as executive producers. It takes inspiration from narratives showcased on the India Love Project.

In the six-part series, each episode is directed by a different filmmaker: Akshay Indikar, Archana Phadke, Collin D’Cunha, Hardik Mehta, Shazia Iqbal, and Vivek Soni. Each director infuses their unique personal touch into the narrative.


Karan Johar Presents the Heartfelt Trailer of Love Storiyaan: “Join Us As We Delve Into the Depths of Authentic Love”

The Love Storiyaan Trailer basically revolves around Karan Johar inviting audiences to delve into the essence of love through genuine and heartfelt stories. It then proceeds to introduce real-life couples and offers a glimpse into their journey.

These diverse narratives of love, portrayed in various shades, not only promise to captivate and immerse viewers in these unique tales but also inspire them to view life from a fresh perspective, making it an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day viewing.

Director Akshay Indikar expressed, “Capturing Rahul and Subhadra’s journey in Raah Sangharsh Ki has been an exhilarating experience. Drawing from my own background and experiences, I was able to deeply connect with their story on a personal level. Their narrative beautifully showcases how love often demands the courage to defy societal expectations and norms. As a filmmaker, it fills me with pride to share their story and contribute to Love Storiyaan. This series promises to inspire hope and joy. I eagerly anticipate bringing this tale to Prime Video’s audiences in India and around the globe.”

Director Archana Phadke shared, “As a storyteller, I’ve always aimed to explore and comprehend love, and I believe it will take several films for me to truly grasp its depth! Being part of Love Storiyaan, delving into this emotion alongside five other directors with their unique perspectives, has been an incredibly special experience. With my film Faasley, I sought to understand a love that is resilient—a love that transcends time, continents, and adversities to survive. In Dhanya and Homayon’s story, I discovered a couple who safeguarded their love against all odds. I trust this story will instill ideas of strength and hope in a broad audience, just as it did in me.”

Director Collin D’Cunha expressed, “It was immensely thrilling for me to delve into the extraordinary love story of Tista and Dipan, celebrating courage and bravery, and witnessing how their transformative journey brought them together. My segment, titled Love Beyond Labels, explores the defiance of societal prejudices while staying true to oneself. This aspect makes Love Storiyaan a truly beautiful watch. Somen and I, along with the other directors, aimed to craft an emotional and visual mosaic of these real people and their stories, hoping that viewers can appreciate and relate to them.”

Director Hardik Mehta stated, “As a director, being part of Love Storiyaan has been incredibly enriching—a series that has allowed me to showcase my unique storytelling style infused with gentle humor and heartfelt emotions. A Unsuitable Girl, my segment, moved me deeply with Aekta and Ullekh’s endearing love story. What struck me the most was how, in a country like India, love extends beyond just two individuals and permeates daily life among family members as well.”

Director Shazia Iqbal shared, “Through Farida and Sunit’s love story, my co-director Rahul and I delved into the intricate nature of romantic relationships, which often defy the simplicity depicted on screen. As we journeyed with Farida and Sunit through the captivating landscape of Bangladesh, we knew we were creating something truly unique, and their Homecoming will undoubtedly inspire generations to come. Immortalizing these unique stories of real love through Love Storiyaan has been a monumental journey, and we are thrilled to share these extraordinary tales of ordinary people like us.”

Director Vivek Soni remarked, “As a storyteller, narrating a love story is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have. Exploring diverse landscapes and cultures brings me immense joy. Meeting Nicholas and Rajani for our anthology was an extraordinary experience. My intention was not just to make a film but to connect with the couple and journey alongside them through their remarkable story so far. It was truly a beautiful experience. Prime Video and Dharmatic Entertainment’s commitment to creating a safe space for stories and storytellers is a testament to the evolution of the medium in recent years. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to tell Nicholas and Rajani’s story with Love On Air, and I am proud to play a small part in sharing their extraordinary journey with the world.”


Love Storiyaan will be accessible for streaming on Prime Video starting February 14th.



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