Kangana Ranaut Gives Befitting Reply to A Twitter User

kangana rannaut

The 2nd wave of Covid-19 continues to devastate the entire nation. The number of death toll has risen to a unbelievable figure of 3500 per day. In such a pandemic, there are people who are busy narrating their own scripts.

It all happened when two Twitter users blamed Bollywood Queen that she’s not helping those who are in real need at this time of pandemic unlike Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt.

After going through what these users had to say, Kangana was quick to reply. In her befitting post, she wrote that social media is not the only mean to help those suffering at the time of pandemic.

Take a look at what one of the Twitter users has written, “@KanganaTeam Meanwhile still searching for one tweet from your end seeking help for suffering Indians like what PC Alia doing. You are just working towards BJP’s image improving work. What does it take to just accept that Govt has failed in this crisis?”

Also, look at what Kangana replied to this users, “Twitter is not the only way to help people, I am helping people with beds, medicines, vaccines, oxygen… I have too many in my own professional and personal circle who are calling me and asking for help, I am not doing it for the gallery…understood dummy?”

The tweet of another user came that said, “Its difficult for these people to understand that a celebrity of your stature would help others without seeking publicity.”

The actress replied to the user, “It’s very important to verify genuinely needy people, most frauds begging for oxygen and beds and selling in black, I am perpetually getting calls from friends/family for help passing them all to my brother Aksht, who is practically working in this only for past few weeks.”

One reason why Twitter users raised their concerns about the actress not helping others during the pandemic may be because of her video on intellectuals where she said that they were portraying a negative image of India in international media.

Look at what she had said, “These people try to tell us how to run our country? Who are they? Such a large portion of America’s population was wiped out during the first wave. Everyone saw what happened in Italy. England is still struggling with the second wave. We are too. No doubt. But did anyone name and shame any minister, their democracy? ‘Choose education, this and that.’ Who are you to tell us? We will struggle on our own and we are already,” Kangana stated.

She ended the video by saying that government needs to take action against such people.


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