Race 3 Box Office Collection- The Salman Khan Starrer Continues to Impress

race 3 box office collection
race 3 box office collection | Image Credit: YouTube

Race 3 box office collection– Salman Khan Fans would like this more than ever. Well, Race 3 continues to create ripples across the entire entertainment industry. In this post, we would be discussing about Race 3 box office collection. As you see, there was so much hype even before the film was released. And even now, fans want to keep a tab on the ever mounting race 3 collection at the box office. The film has been consistently emerging high on the charts, but it is not something that was not expected.


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race 3 box office collection
race 3 box office collection | Image Credit: YouTube

The film is doing a great business by collecting a mind boggling figure of Rs 150 crore at the end of day 9. Don’t you think these figures are simply an indication that Race 3 should get a place among blockbusters, especially when it has been getting all the love and respect from people across the country?

Race 3 perception by the audience

Race 3 has actually slain the box office and at present ruling like a champion. We have come to know about a plethora of comments that have come to light just after the release of the film. Some people confessed that they were quite ecstatic to watch the film just because it was Salman Khan Starrer. Others pointed out that it doesn’t make any effect as the brand Salman Khan sells.


Movie Name:                              Race 3
Genre:                                            Thriller
Released Date:                           June 15, 2018
Directed By:                                Remo D’Souza
Producer:                                    Salman Khan
Casts:                                             Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Bobby Deol


They compared Salman Khan Films with any Apple brand (product) that is going to sell in any case, even if it is of inferior quality. And this is exactly the case here. Those who didn’t like the film pointed out that Race 3 is going to do a great business, even if the storyline or anything else is not up to the mark. This is how the effect of Salman Khan has been in the industry.

Race 3 box office collection- Salman Khan Action franchise continues to shake the box office

Now, coming back to the Race 3 box office collection, the action drama, on the opening day itself was successful in collecting a whopping Rs 29.17 crore and within a span of 3 days, the newly released Salman Khan starrer managed to touch the magical figure of Rs 100 crore.


At present, the action drama has crossed Rs 150 crore. But you can’t deny the fact that the earlier franchises (Race 2, Race) proved equally entertaining and received much applaud from the audience.

But this time, critics are having an altogether different view about the film and are narrating an entirely new story. As per them, Race 3 is not impressive even though it is doing a great business at both the domestic as well as international box office.

Shubhra Gupta, who is a well known film critic at the Indian Express simply pointed out that Race 3 is not impressive at all. She even remarked the film as snooze fest. She pointed out that Race 3 is of two and a half hour duration and seems like a scattershot snooze fest. Not only that, the film perks up only when the actor shows up.

Well, the reviews given by people are of their personal thoughts. However, if you look the bigger picture that is bulging out in the form of Race 3 box office collection, you will come to know the real scenario. Critics would always present their views on any film released and it depends on the audience (at large) if they like it or not.

You might not disagree with us that Salman Khan has a huge fan following. People simply want him to act in any film, no matter how it goes. Well, if you look in that way, then Salman’s films will always be a winner at the box office.

In the past, someone asked from Salman Khan- How he decides to do a particular film? He answered that “I simply read the script once and then take an instant decision about doing a particular film. If I ask them to wait for my review after the reading the script for once, it means that the film is never going to happen”.


Race 3 collection-The film may see a further surge in collections with no other film released this week

The actor has been in the industry for several decades and is well aware of fan’s expectations. Therefore, it all depends after he reads the script and takes a decision on the spot.

race 3 box office collection


There is yet another triumph in the Race 3 box office collection as no other film was released in this week except for two Hollywood releases- Ocaeas 8 and Incredibles 2. This means that Salman Khan’s action sequel is going to see a lot more surge in collections.

By looking at the sequence of events, it is being expected that the film might cross a figure of Rs 300 crore very soon.