Jake Gyllenhaal Believes His Acting Career Has Benefited from His Legal Blindness

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal has recently opened up regarding what he believes. In the recent past, the Hollywood star interacted with The Telegraph where he stated that he always had a strong vision that actually makes him an easy target for bullies when he was young.

The point here is that all of his childhood challenges have helped him to portray fight sequences in most of his films.


Jake Gyllenhaal Believes His Acting Career Has Benefited from His Legal Blindness

Jake Gyllenhaal has been quite famous for the kind of roles he performed in movies like “Nightcrawler,” and more.

The actor recently discussed how his legal blindness has benefited his acting career. While having a discussion with a media house, he clarified that his disability happens to be a boon for him rather than a limitation.

Gyllenhaal further stated that his case of legal blindness is just a way of life for him.

This is what he has to say, “I never believe anything else,” he said. He further stated that he basically finds all peace when he’s unable to see anything in the morning hours before putting his glasses.

There is one example in the past that actually helped him for his role in the year 2015 for the film “Southpaw.”

In a crucial moment when his character learns of his wife’s death, Gyllenhaal performed without wearing his contacts. He was able to listen more keenly on his surroundings and deliver a performance that felt truly authentic.


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