Alia Bhatt Impressed With Shah Rukh Khan’s Energy, Says “You Don’t Age”

Alia Bhatt
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Not everybody gets a chance to work with the superstar Shah Rukh Khan. But those who get the chance knows that he’s a remarkable person, both being an actor and on the personal front. Alia Bhatt was all in praise for the SRK after she got a chance working alongside him.

Alia is a young actress and barely three years old in the entertainment industry. Alia Bhatt discovered a teacher and a good friend in her swanky co-star who turned 51 today.

It’s not wrong to say that most new comers learn while they shoot, she has no doubt saying she learned a lot while shooting for ‘Dear Zindgi’. She not only learned the basics, but also got a chance to re-learn. It was a wonderful experience for her not only to work with such a mega star but also to learn a few more tips to prove her in the journey ahead.

She said when you tend to spend a quality amount of time around an artist of his stature, you gear up yourself to learn a few basics which proves so crucial for a newcomer like her.

Alia praised SRK saying that she not only spent quality time with the actor but also learnt how to create magic in each succeeding frame. She said he never looked patronising while giving normal instructions to feel most comfortable. I never got any advice from him that sparkled a bossy tone.

And the best part- He never looked he’s my boss and knows way better than most of the promising guys of the entire Bollywood fraternity. Both SRK and Gauri were present and by the time I completed my shoot, she could judge all the changes in my performance.

I still remember she complimented me for paying heed to details as done in each frame. Alia Bhatt chuckles that she picked up most of it from him.

Alia Bhatt admits SRK was humble and polite to everyone on the sets

Alia Bhatt
Image Source: Bollywood Bubble

When Alia Bhatt was asked if she ever sensed the age difference similar to a generation gap, she instantly made a comment. She said a person with this kind of energy, he doesn’t age. You can see Gauri manages both the kids and handle them simultaneously on the sets.

For example, she mentioned there was a scene where both Alia and SRK had to laugh, but the moment was such that they couldn’t stop giggling. She said that I still remember that we took a plethora of takes to complete that particular scene. And to add this: Gauri looked so exasperated that she instantly granted both of us a laugh break.

Alia Bhatt further elaborated how she felt working with SRK. She said he was full of patience, heartwarming on the sets. I found him patiently taking in all the suggestions and feedback despite being a superstar and an experienced actor.

He was so humble and kind to everyone he speaks, regardless of his experience and age. She further adds that almost all of us neither has the kind of success and experience he has but still he pays heed to everyone’s inputs.