Imtiaz Ali On Diljit Dosanjh’s Role In Amar Singh Chamkila, “He Grasps Every Subtle Aspect of Chamkila’s Demeanor”

Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Ali is feeling excited. It’s because the response of the audience against his Netflix movie “Amar Singh Chamkila” has been overwhelmingly positive, without any reservations.


Imtiaz Ali On Diljit Dosanjh’s Role In Amar Singh Chamkila, “He Grasps Every Subtle Aspect of Chamkila’s Demeanor”

The actor chose to express his concern by ensuring that the biopic of the late Punjabi singer would not cause offense to anyone. This is what he says, “I’ve diligently revised the screenplay from different viewpoints, removing anything that could potentially hurt any group. I’ve sought input from many individuals to guarantee this. Yet, my strongest assurance comes from my belief that I’ve created this film with love for all and no ill intentions,” he explained.

Imtiaz has to say while sharing his thoughts on the film, Imtiaz has to say while sharing his thoughts on the film, “Rajesh Sharma, who has overseen production for many of my films, such as ‘Jab We Met’ and ‘Tamasha,’ suggested that I should consider making a film about Chamkila’s life. Throughout my years of shooting and traveling in Punjab and its surrounding regions, I’ve been gathering bits and pieces of Chamkila’s story. Then, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a film enthusiast named Harpreet came to Mumbai from Punjab with the elusive film rights of Chamkila, urging me to take on the project. Amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19, I embarked on a trip to rural Punjab, which marked the beginning of the filmmaking journey. The research for this project mainly involved direct interactions with individuals connected to Chamkila and Amarjot’s lives. I personally met with everyone – from Tiki, the old friend and Dholak Wala, to Dhakkan, the former announcer, and Kikar, the manager. I also had conversations with Swaran Singh Silvia, the friend and lyricist, as well as family members, friends, and various others who had attended Chamkila’s shows and knew him personally. Many individuals who lived in Punjab during that era shared with me their recollections of the legend of Chamkila.”

Imtiaz further clarifies that Chamkila’s music is split into two parts. “The first part contains Chamkila’s original music, which we’ve kept untouched in its original Punjabi form. These were recorded live on set during filming by Diljit and Parineeti, providing a fresh experience for everyone involved.

The second part consists of original songs for the film composed by AR Rahman and written by Irshad in Hindi with a touch of Punjabi. We have a total of six songs in this section.”

It all happened when Imtiaz just realized that shooting in Punjab gave him a new kind of experience. This is what he tries to explain his feeling while shooting in Punjab “When I started shooting in remote areas of Punjab and started living with the locals, it gave me the next level of experience that I never had experienced before. The hospitality of the people in and around Sangrur in Punjab were unparalleled. Many locals actively participated in the film. All 300 women you see in ‘Naram Kaalja’ are locals – genuine farmers, women, and others. The majority of the actors featured in the film, including Diljit and many others in significant roles, as well as the supporting staff, research team, and art and decoration team, were all locals. Collaborating with each of them was truly a blessing.”




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