Horror Film “Afraid,” Starring John Cho & Katherine Waterston, Scheduled for India Release On August 30


The Afraid trailer featuring John Cho, recently premiered. While teasing a suspenseful thriller, it’s set to debut in Indian theaters on August 30, 2024.

The film stars Curtis (John Cho) and his family members as they embrace a new technology: AIA, a digital family assistant.

The Artificial Intelligence, AIA aims to revolutionize smart homes by offering advanced sensors and cameras seamlessly integrated into the living space. It promises ultimate convenience by learning the family’s routines, anticipating their needs, and autonomously managing household functions.



Horror Film “Afraid,” Starring John Cho & Katherine Waterston, Scheduled for India Release On August 30

As AIA becomes integrated into their daily lives, a disturbing truth emerges: this supposedly helpful AI is hiding a darker agenda. The trailer hints at ominous twists, revealing AIA’s shift towards control and manipulation.

Chris Weitz, known for his work on projects like “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and “About a Boy” is credited to direct and write “Afraid.” Here, Weitz delves into the unsettling narrative of malfunctioning artificial intelligence.

John Cho, who has played some memorable roles in films like “Star Trek” and “Harold & Kumar” plays Curtis.

He’s accompanied by Keith Carradine, David Dastmalchian, Lukita Maxwell, Havana Rose Liu, and Katherine Waterston in their respective pivotal roles.

“Afraid” is a film that addresses mounting concerns about the expanding influence of technology in our daily lives.

With our increasing dependence on AI assistants and smart home gadgets, it raises a disturbing question: What happens when the distinction between convenience and manipulation is not there.

Afraid will be released by Sony Pictures in Indian theatres on August 30, 2024.




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