Geeta Basra Says COVID-19 Vaccination Not Meant for Pregnant Women

geeta basra

Bollywood actress and wife of cricketer Harbhajan Singh says that COVID-19 vaccination should not be given to pregnant women.

She’s currently pregnant with his second child. As per the recent updates, Geeta is focusing a lot on performing yoga and other meditation activities.

She’s also in touch with other fitness experts to help her stay fit during her pregnancy.

Geeta Basra not only taking measures to keep herself fit and healthy but also addressing a lot of queries to loads of expecting mothers on the idea whether they should be a part of the current vaccination drive against COVID-19.

Take a look at what the source has to say about this. “Geeta’s social media is full of requests and queries but a recurring question is whether the vaccine should be taken by to-be moms or not.”

While interacting to user’s comments, Geeta said COVID-19 vaccine is new to all of us. Although, it’s meant to keep the virus at bay, the same has not been tested and is not recommended to be given during pregnancy.

If it’s given to them, there can be chances that it may produce some sort of complications as well.

Take a look at what she reciprocated, “Vaccination is new to all of us. It’s a known fact that the vaccine helps keep the virus at bay but at the same time, many doctors are advising to-be moms against taking the jab. There are chances that it may cause complications during the pregnancy.

The government guidelines and the medical organizations suggest that breastfeeding and pregnant women should not take the vaccine. As of now, there isn’t enough evidence and studies carried out on the effects of the vaccine on lactating and pregnant women.

I have also been advised by the doctors to not take the vaccine for now and I would urge expecting mothers to refrain as well till we don’t have further announcements from the government in this regard.”

Geeta Basra is married to cricketer Harbhajan Singh and is also a mother to their daughter Hinaya Heer Plaha.


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