Free Fire Ban: High Court Orders Govt Against Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, TikTok

free fire pubg ban

Free Fire Ban: High Court Orders Govt Against Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, TikTok: Players might be finding it hard to stop playing their favorite games like Free Fire, Tik Tok and PUBG Mobile as the court of Bangladesh has ordered the same.

As per the court’s order, it has put a direct ban on these games so that users won’t be able to play them any further.

The court in its direction stated that these games affect the mental conditions of children. And so, there should be a complete ban on all such online games and apps.

While giving its judgement, the court ordered the government to explain in detail why the ban on all these online games should not be imposed since they are illegal. It has given the authorities a time of 10 days to submit their report in this regard.

The decision is surely going to prove nothing less than a disaster for hundreds of gamers and professionals who love to enjoy PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Tik Tok games.

After the news to ban these games broke, one of the PUBG professionals MD “HUNGRYBOX” Ekramuzzaman shared his views. This is what he stated, “Nowadays when we are parenting our children, we are providing them with a lot of facilities like tablets and mobiles at a very early age, which is not developing their conscience. I have seen few kids deliberately playing Minecraft and watching a stream on YouTube never actually understanding what’s going on.”

After the decision from the court, a controversy has also been started regarding the pros and cons of playing such games.

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