Why John Abraham walks out of Comedy Nights Bachao!

John Abraham
John Abraham and Deepika Pdukone | Image Credit: Bollywoodbubble

John Abraham is all busy promoting his film Force 2. He was invited recently on Krushna Abhishek show- Comedy Nights Bachao. He went there along with Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sonakshi Sinha to promote his upcoming film.

But he had to walk out of the show midway. Do you know the reason why? Well, the reason is not new. He again made fun and this time with John Abraham.

It all happened when ‘Krushna Abhishek’ started making fun of the star actor’s previous films, he simply walked off midway.

If you remember, ‘Krushna’ has also made fun with some other personalities in the past. He’s the cousin of Govinda and even looks like him.

In the past, we even heard him making fun of Govinda when the latter was invited on his show.

But after Krushna started making fun of him, Govinda felt also reacted the same.

So, John Abraham joined the bandwagon of actors who were previously invited in Krushna Abhishek show Comedy Nights Bachao, but walked out in the middle.

The comedy show hosted by ‘Krushna Abhishek’ has become quite popular, especially with the ‘roast’ format.

John became upset after Krushna literally made fun of his acting skills in some of his previous movies. As he couldn’t tolerate this all, so he chose to walk away.

The things started taking a bad shape when Krishna ridiculed the star actor’s acting skills.

As he didn’t like the whole conversation and decided to walk away. After he left the shoot, Krishna went after him for an apology and also to pacify him to an extent but the star actor didn’t relent.

However, at that time, the major crux of the act was already shot as they always act at the last.

After this happened, nobody seemed to get the idea how to patch up the matter. Now, the channel is yet to decide if the whole episode of ‘Sudesh’ and ‘Krushna’ is going to be axed from the show.

Krushna made fun of John Abraham earlier too

It was also reported earlier at the time of John’s last release “Dishoom”, when he was invited on the show during the promotion of the film. At that time, he simply refused to appear in the show.

On one hand, the channel’s TRP is going higher, on the other hand a number of incidents have been taken place in the recent past where actors have complained about the format of the show.

As the number of such incidents are on the rise, the time has come to the channel to intervene.

This is because it doesn’t look nice after a celebrity is invited on the show, but leaves the show in the middle.