Upcoming Movie ‘Saansein’ Put On Hold After PM Modi’s Announcement

upcoming movie
upcoming-movie | Image Credit: YouTube

PM Modi’s decision to demonetize some currency notes has made Saansein filmmakers to put off their upcoming movie from screening.

The film is to be released on November 11, 2016. For your information, ”Saansein’ is a Bollywood romantic horror, directed by none other than Rajiv S Ruia.

It’s produced by Goutam Kumar Jain. After the announcement made by the government, the entire star cast of the film is hesitating to release it as per the schedule. They took a unanimous decision not to release it on this Friday.

The film’s release has been postponed to some other date in the future.

However, it seems that Bollywood is already encountering the repercussions, and due to this, the producer of the film also decides to hold its screening as of now. They would decide its future release within some time.

The romantic-horror film stars a plethora of new faces, including Sonarika Bhadoria, Hiten Tejwani, Sonarika Bhadoria and Rajniesh Duggal.

When asked to comment on the release of the upcoming movie, the producer said that it won’t make sense to release the film as of now.

This is because the film is produced for the masses. But in the present sort of circumstances, it won’t be wise, as everyone doesn’t have a credit or debit card and I can better understand the inconvenience of people due to this. It would be hard for them to carry cash.

upcoming movie
upcoming-movie Saansein | Image Credit: HDwlp.com

Now, with 1000 and 500 denomination notes have been discarded, no one would be interested to go to theatres and watch a film.

Instead, they would probably want to make their cash intact for other household uses like medicines, grocery and not for the movie tickets.

He further said, if we release the film as per the schedule, we might end up with huge losses.

In the light of present circumstances, multiplexes all over the country witnessed people coming with higher denomination notes.

They had no choice but to turn them away. People started visiting multiplexes way before the clock struck midnight on Tuesday, in connection with the announcement made by the honorable Prime Minister of India.

One thing can be taken into account. It’s the ATMs, that are likely to become functional from November 11 as it doesn’t seem everything will limp back to normal in a few week’s time. It would take a couple of weeks for everything to get sorted out.

But there is no need to panic. People need to take care of their own lives first before coming back to theaters.

The upcoming movie to hit marquee after a review

He said that we will be taking a review of the present situation and the course of events taking place, and announce the revise date to hit the film on the big screen.

As you know, it’s always tough for small producers like us who enter into the market with a short budget.

The sudden announcement that was made by the government will make us to figure out our marketing and promotional tactics again from scratch.

Another upcoming movie to be released this week is ‘Rock On 2’ and will hit the marquee as per the schedule.

The producer of this upcoming movie is Farhan Akhtar tweeted and praised PM. He said, it’s been a super move by our government against black money.