Rock On 2 Movie Review- Movie Looks Dull But Unveils Nice Photography

Rock On 2 movie review
Rock On 2 Movie Review | Image Credit: YouTube

Before presenting you the Rock On 2 movie review, let’s remind you a little bit about the new release.

Rock On 2 is now released over a span of eight years since the release of Rock on.

The film stars Farhan Akhtar, Purab Kohli, Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Rampal.

Do you think these guys are able to recreate the magic as before? Have a look at the Rock On 2 movie review.

The film not only marketed and promoted well, but also looked nice in the trailers. But after it was released in theaters, it doesn’t impress much.

For example, if you compare it with the original one released not less than eight years back, then you obviously find something is lagging behind.

AT a first glance, the movie looks amazing perturbed,  monotonously humorless and relentlessly dejected that at some point of time, you realize if this musical sequel made after 8 years is mocking the original one. Of course not. Well, there are many reasons for that.

If you look at the characters, they all look the same as ever as they have to show their all time grumpy look for ever.

Rock On 2 movie review- The film grows into a nice plot

As per the Rock On 2 movie review, the film continues from where the last one ended.

It shows five years have been passed since all the guys, including Joe (Arjun Rampal), Adi (Farhan Akhtar), Robb (Luke Kenny) and KD (Purab Kohli) rocked with their band by the name Magik.

This is the band at the core of Rock On. But at this time (after 5 years), everything is being set on the new platform.

But all is not well with the members of Rock On. For example, due to some tragedy, Adi (one of the indisputable member of the band) has to leave both his band and Mumbai. He finally shifts to Meghalaya.

Now, he sets up his home away from all the memories of his band (Magik). On the other hand Joe happens to be a judge on a reality show.

He prefers to run his own club in Mumbai, whereas KD seems involved in a plethora of music projects. Robb is no more.

Further, in the Rock On 2 movie review, there comes yet another character by the name Vibhutiji.

He has quit playing Sarod as he’s excited towards the non classical part of the music.

This may be because this kind of music is being practiced and adored by everyone. His daughter who’s none other than Shraddha Kapoor has no choice but to bear the brunt.

In spite of all these issues, they were expected to get together once again.

The group’s leading by none other than Farhan Akhtar along with Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli.

For Arjun, it looks like he shouldn’t play music any longer. This is because every time he tries to play the music, something weird starts happening.

So, finally he leaves his band and relocates to Meghalaya. He has no issues to live all alone along with occasional nightmares of one of his fans who killed himself a long way back.

May be somewhere, he feels guilty for his death. He looks satisfied after he decides to run a farm and school around Shilong.

Rock On 2 Movie Review- The best part of the movie is its Picturization and Cinematography

The film largely settles in Shilog (one of the finest locations). It’s such a place for rock music lovers that people pray real homage.

For example, it’s that part of India where Bob Dylan’s birthday is remembered each year like that of Mahatma Gandhi’s, in the rest of the country.

Whenever you plan to organize a rock show, you can’t miss out the names of those people who belong to NE band or anything of that sort.

As far as cinematography and photography is concerned, the movie scores well. Both these departments have been taken care well.

I guess, the credit goes to those who decided to shoot the film to Uminuh and Shilong. But it struggles in creating an impact on the viewer’s minds and souls.

The Verdict- As per the Rock On 2 Movie Review, the film looks great in terms of display, but not otherwise. If you’re still keen to watch the film, you need to stick to these attributes and may skip the rest