Exclusive BTS Images of Tom Felton Alongside Pratik Gandhi On ‘Gandhi’ Sets Will Excite You for the upcoming Hansal Mehta Series

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After it was reported for the first time that Tom Felton would also star in the upcoming Hansal Mehta series, it became the reason for a huge anticipation among ‘Harry Potter‘ fans. The series will showcase Pratik Gandhi in the lead role.

As per the reports, Felton would play the role of Josiah Oldfield. It’s one of the great figures who supported Gandhi during his learning phase in London. The series further intends to showcase Gandhi’s philosophy in today’s life.


Exclusive BTS Images of Tom Felton Alongside Pratik Gandhi On ‘Gandhi’ Sets Will Excite You for the upcoming Hansal Mehta Series

The report further says that Pratik Gandhi will portray the role of Gandhi. On the other hand Felton will play the role of Josiah Oldfield, who’s a prominent figure who actually helped Gandhi when he was studying degree course Law in London.

In a set of BTS images that are currently circulating online, Felton can be seen donning formal attire as he films scenes with Pratik, providing fans a peek into their chemistry.

There is another image capturing them tackling their daily tasks, while another shows them amidst bustling city streets.

While interacting with Variety, Felton simply disclosed the connection between both characters. “The series explores the bond between these two men and how their paths intersected at just the right moment. Without their encounter, their lives would have surely unfolded differently,” Felton said.

The upcoming series by Hansal Mehta showcases the entire journey of Mahatma Gandhi as a young scholar pursuing education and his evolution into a leader of India’s independence movement.


It can be produced as Gandhi’s narrative to younger audience. This is what Mehta explained to AP, “It’s a tale of profound discovery, not only for our protagonist but also for us as filmmakers and storytellers. The time to narrate Gandhi’s story in this manner has arrived.”

Pratik Gandhi finally echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the contemporary relevance of Gandhi’s principles. He stated, “It holds greater significance now than ever because the world craves Gandhi and his principles amidst the prevailing hatred and conflicts. The situation is escalating, and I firmly believe the world needs Gandhi’s philosophy now more than ever. We need countless Gandhis today.” He concluded.


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