Dhootha Web Series Review: Naga Chaitanya Akkineni Sets a Benchmark for Supernatural and Suspense Thrillers

Dhootha Web Series Review

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni’s OTT Debut in the Telugu Suspense Thriller ‘Dhootha’ Delivers Engaging Brilliance!


Dhootha Review

The term “Dhootha,” derived from Sanskrit origin, also referred to as ‘Doot’ in Hindi, translates to ‘messenger’ in English.

The series features Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, who embodies the messenger. It’s a newspaper clipping that intermittently appears in this contemporary dark supernatural thriller, entrenched in a criminal backdrop. Why criminal? It’s because within or around crime scenes lie the most intriguing suspense narratives – before, after, or in close proximity to them.

Within this classic conflict of right versus wrong, good versus bad, and ethics versus corruption, stands Sagar, a journalist poised to steer a leading newspaper, advocating that the ‘J’ in journalism symbolizes justice, emphasizing their role as messengers bridging the gap between the government and the populace.

However, what ensues are a string of suicides – every victim connected to journalism or a journalist’s family.

Every demise coincides with a newspaper excerpt reporting the death before it occurs. Sagar embarks on a quest for truth, striving to avert impending fatalities.

Does he succeed? How does one confront supernatural occurrences? Sagar survives to unravel the mystery, but the fates of others and the reasons behind them weave a riveting narrative, delicately baked and served fresh, compelling enough to be consumed eagerly.


Dhootha Review: What Works?

Three standout elements define the essence of this supernatural suspense thriller:

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni seamlessly fits into this intricately woven tale, contributing as a crucial piece to this meticulously crafted narrative.

The storyline, although rooted in an age-old premise, feels remarkably fresh, offering a perspective rarely explored in recent times.

Dhootha Review


The hauntingly atmospheric background score, masterfully crafted by composer Ishaan Chhabra, elegantly complements the storyline and episodes, seamlessly blending into the overarching theme.

Kudos to Vikram K Kumar and the writing team, including Poorna Prajna, K S Sripal Reddy, and Naveen George Thomas, for rendering the storyline’s nuances so convincingly that viewers are completely invested.

Anchored within the realm of journalism and the clash between ethics and morals, the narrative remains steadfast, despite occasional tangential elements like extramarital affairs, ensuring the plot remains the focal point.

Furthermore, the series shines in its action choreography, helmed by Venkat. The precision and artistry with which the murders are depicted generate intrigue rather than shock or repulsion, adding to the overall allure of the storyline.

Engaging audiences in supernatural thrillers without unveiling the resolution or exposing loopholes is a daunting task. Yet, this web series stands devoid of such vulnerabilities.

It maintains an engrossing grip throughout, captivating viewers’ attention to the extent that they eagerly await the director’s guidance to the conclusion, rather than preemptively predicting it themselves.


Dhootha Review: Star Performance

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni delivers such a compelling performance in this role that it’s evident he never needed to pursue anything akin to Laal Singh Chaddha, nor should he revisit such a role in the future! Regardless of a star’s stature, he shouldn’t squander his potential on portraying a character connected to an underwear brand in some Bollywood movie. His conviction in this narrative is palpable, showcasing the sheer talent an actor possesses.

Prachi Desai, after a considerable hiatus, brought a refreshing energy, yet her character’s trajectory seemed overshadowed, solely serving as a device to propel the story forward in this suspense thriller.

Priya Bhavani Shankar, portraying Sagar’s wife, and Parvathy Thiruvothu, as Kranthi, also deliver commendable performances. Surprisingly, the standout performance in the series comes from the unassuming newspaper clippings that unpredictably surface, skillfully steering the storyline into its subsequent plot points with finesse.


Dhootha Review: What Doesn’t Seem to Work?

The only notable drawback in this web series appears to be its pacing, characterized by a somewhat lax editing approach.

Despite its intriguing blend of suspense and supernatural elements, the narrative tends to progress sluggishly. While events unfold methodically, they do so at a considerably leisurely pace.

In fact, viewing the series at 1.5x or 2x speed might not result in missing any significant details; it might even enhance the overall engagement for the audience.


Dhootha Review: Last Words

In summary, Dhootha proves to be an enthralling watch, offering a gripping suspense that keeps audiences engaged until the very end, gradually unveiling its mystery. While the revelation might not be startling or shocking, the execution of events throughout the series is what truly captivates and steals the spotlight.


We award this brilliantly crafted Neo-Noir tale a commendable four-star rating, as it surpasses the expectations set by its trailer and delivers a compelling viewing experience.


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