Rustom- One of Greatest Thriller Movies with Suspense to Watch

Rustom- one of great thriller movies of the year|

Rustom is a Bollywood romance thriller starring Akshay Kumar as an eponymous naval commander by the name Rustom Pavri.

It’s one of the greatest thriller movies with suspense scattered all around. The story grows after he learns that his wife Cynthia (Ileana D’Cruz) is cheated on him with his close aid Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa).

It’s one of the great thriller movies that begins tarting up a true life scandal where it is speculated that the director Suresh Desai has swallowed the entire project of his own.

The movie is yet again proving to be a great Bollywood blockbuster.

Akshay Kumar is depicted as the courageous navy man who finally confesses in the Old Bombay police station (in the same way as in the year 1958) after murdering his industrialist friend who cuckolded him.


Rustom Movie Review

The movie is a mix of passion with crime and gets further complicated by some untactful institutional corruption along with the accuser’s (Akshay) infamous notorious nous.

As per the disclaimer shown at the beginning, it simply denies any sort of resemblance to the series of events in real life which is purely coincidental.

However, the fact is that the movie is based on the life of a famous naval officer K.M. Nanavati who was ditched on the same patterns.

Like Akshay (shown n the movie), he was also tried in the year 1959 (in the same ways) for killing his wife’s lover (Prem Ahuja).

Earlier, there used to happen a jury system (1950’s) to decide the fate of all such trials pending in courts.

However, this case was primarily hinged on whether the crime was committed in the heat of the moment or not.

The trial of this case soon proved a catalyst that finally ended the Jury trials, deciding the fate of all such cases.

In spite of the Jury acquitted him (K.M.Nanavati) due to the media reports portraying him as victim of the system but the High Court still found him guilty of his deeds.

It’s one of a kind thriller movies to make the audience getting forced with a feeling of pallid stoicism after the actor commits character assassination in the court by a public prosecutor.

Rustom is one of the great thriller movies full of caricatures and shows a number of bold decisions taken by Akshay Kumar.

Esha Gupta plays the role of Preeti who is shown as vindictive and vampish spouse of already murdered Vikram (Arjan Bajwa).

It’s one of the top thriller movies that also shows the moments when Cynthia visits to her husband (Rustom) in jail with some crucial information and starts crying after Akshay hug her.

The first half simply vanishes after setting the story-line in the presence of a scandalous affair.

The real pace starts only after the proceedings get shifted into the courtroom. Still, a great Bollywood blockbuster with the spice of thrill and suspense all the along the movie.

The character of Preeti is being played by Esha Gupta. She’s the socialite sister of Arjan and wants Rustom to get punished at any cost.

It later becomes clear that Rustom is more a patriot than a killer after he pleads not to be framed guilty and so, refuses to get the support of a lawyer.

The movie has been successful and trending on the box office. It has earned a whopping Rs. 17.81 Crores.

So, who is Rustom in reality? Should he be called a true patriot or a cold blooded murderer?

Do you think if there is any sort of conspiracy bulging out? Well, the best part about the movie is that all the proceedings are well managed to make people glued and engaged on to the screen.

Rustom is not a bad movie in essence and have it all to be named as a great Bollywood blockbuster.

Also, a little more trial in the courtroom could have converted it into one of the best thrillers of all times.