Dangal Screening- Aamir Khan to Arrange Special Screening for SRK and Salman Khan

Dangal screening
Dangal screening | Image Credit: Kajod.com

Superstar Aamir Khan has arranged special Dangal Screening for SRK and Salman.

Actually, he has invited both of them for the special Dangal screening. After sending them the invitation, Aamir is now waiting to hear from them.

When asked about the details, he said that I have invited both Salman and ShahRukh by sending them a message.

The movie will be screened for them as and when they are free. However, it may take time as both are going busy right now.

Aamir was spotted at the special screening of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’ and was speaking at the event. The event was attended by a plethora of illustrious personalities including Raj Thackeray and Sachin Tendulkar.

As you know, Dangal is the upcoming film of Aamir Khan which is based on the real life of a wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat along with his daughters named Babita and Geeta Phogat.

Aamir, while speaking at the event said I always intended to make films with the involvement of love, but still feel skeptical, if the audience would like them or not.

And this is the reason why I remain nervous about all of my films. The superstar said both Salman and SRK still not a part of Dangal screening.

Those who were a part of Dangal screening also liked the film

He further said that till now, only my friends and relatives have been able to watch the film.

The moment of satisfaction that Aamir gets is only from those who have watched the film.

He said, we’re happy that those who already watched the film have also liked it. But we want to see how the audience is going to take the film once it gets released.

The most attractive part of the special Dangal screening was the presence of Mahavir Singh Phogat whose character is being played by Aamir Khan in the film Dangal.

Phogat was also questioned by the reporters about his view after watching the film.

He said he’s really impressed with Dangal screening. He further said that Aamir has justified his role by completely getting into the character.

He only hopes the film not only bring success, but also leave a vibrant message in regards to gender bias.

Now, everyone who has watched the film hope that the society brings a vivid change towards their thinking on inequality of girls. 

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