None of the Performances Outstanding to Fetch Me A National Award: Shahrukh Khan

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ShahRukh Khan is ruling the entire Bollywood industry for over two decades now. But what’s the reason that he could not earn a single national award till date?

Well, the star actor believes that none of his films deserve to get a national award.

We know this is the only hurdle that continues to elude his career despite performing a plethora of award winning performances till date.

As a superstar, it sometimes hurts when people ask the reason why he has not that award in his kitty till now. A national award is something which can’t replace any other thing. And this is the reason why the superstar feels that none of his films deserves the prestigious award.

ShahRukh Khan was speaking to Indian Express and gave reasons of not getting any national award till date even after getting so many other awards already.

On this, SRK simply says that getting an award for me is not as difficult as Jury, filmmakers and the audience have been so kind to me.

But getting a national award is an altogether different story. The superstar says there is no ifs and buts about the reason of not getting the prestigious honor. It’s as simple as I didn’t deserve it.

SRK says he performs not looking at the national award but to make films better

SRK further elaborates that I don’t work to win an award but in a hope to make something better.

Still, he looked motivated and said he would keep working hard to fetch one. But if I didn’t get, it means I didn’t deserve it. SRK was spotted speaking at the IAA (Indian Academy Awards) in Mumbai.

During his speech, he said that winning Oscars should not become a benchmark to prove your capabilities.

It can be inspirational but can’t become a benchmark for Indian artists.

SRK also said that Television has played a major role in destroying the credibility of the awards, but feels different about Indian Academy Awards.


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