Covid-19 Crisis- Salman Khan Begins Transfering Funds to Bollywood Daily Wage Workers

salman khan

In the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, it is required that the needy should get all that they require to look after themselves.

This is going to be a very crucial step to dismantle the effects of infection raised due to the coronavirus.

Until now, we have seen many well known celebrities who have pledged to help all the needy by various means.

For example, Akshay Kumar recently donated a hefty sum of Rs 25 crore directly to the PM relief fund.

After that, many other Bollywood and Kollywood celebrities came forward to help those who can’t afford to make a living in the presence of Covid-19 lockdown. Bolly4u

Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis, Salman Khan also pledged to donate money to thousands of daily wage workers who are attached to Bollywood industry in one way or the other.

Apart from that, the Bollywood superstar also pledged to help hundreds of such families by serving food to them so that they can lead their lives without going into panic in anyway.

As per the latest Bollywood news, it has been reported that Salman Khan has now started transferring money to the accounts of all those daily wage workers who are directly or indirectly attached to Bollywood industry.

The detailed report on this matter recently published on India TV. Ashok Dubey, who happens to be the General Secretary of FWICE has now confirmed the above news by stating, “Salman Khan had asked for the details of 25,000 workers. We received details from 19,000 member workers. Out of which 3000 workers had already received 5000 rupees each from Yash Raj Films. So we have sent the details of the remaining 16,000 workers to Salman and he has started the money transfer. Soon everyone will receive the money.”

Later, Salman’s spokesperson and manager revealed, “We have started distributing money to all individual accounts of the daily wage workers as per list sent by federation about 18550 approx. Salman feels that this crisis is not going to end soon so he has pledged that he will again give the workers money next month to overcome their daily needs and accordingly he will decide on the third month as well”.

Salman Khan is one star of Bollywood industry that has always come forward to help the needy and poor. He already knows that the ongoing Covid-19 crisis is not going to end soon. This is why he has decided to transfer them money in the next month as well. Bolly4u

Apart from helping in this way, Salman can also be seen urging people to stay at their homes and follow the instructions of lockdown precisely.


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