Covid-19 Pandemic- Milkha Singh’s Daughter Serving As A Doctor Battling In NY

milkha singh

Like many other countries, US tops in the list of the most affected nations due to Covid-19 pandemic. But here, we are going to enlist a few things that have now become a cause of worry.

Who doesn’t know Milkha Singh? He’s a great sprinter known for his self dedication for excelling anything in life.

But the Covid-19 pandemic is not showing great signs as his daughter who is serving in New York as a doctor is reported to have been battling with the coronavirus infection.

Mona Milkha Singh happens to be the elder daughter of the ace sprinter Milkha Singh.

She’s not only working as a doctor in the US but has also made the country feel proud. She’s presently serving at the Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York as a doctor.

Right now, the doctor has been assigned her duties to treat all out door patients in emergency ward of the hospital.bWhen asked from her father Jeev Milkha Singh about her daughter’s role as a doctor in New York, this is what he has to say, “She is basically an ER (Emergency Room) doctor in Metropolitan Hospital Center in New York City. So, when someone comes with the coronavirus symptoms, she has to treat them. She checks the patients, stabilises them, performs intubation (insertion of artificial ventilation tube into a patient) before they are sent to special wards to quarantine the COVID-19 patients.”

Mona has passed out from Patiala Medical College and is currently practicing in the US for the last 22 years.

Although, Milkha Singh is far away from her daughter Mona, he always want her to keep fighting with the coronavirus infection and help the ones who are in the need of any help.

This is what Jeev Milkha has to say about his daughter, ” “I am so proud of her. She says it is like running a marathon every day. She has been working five days a week, sometimes day shifts, sometimes night shifts, 12-hour shifts and it is tough but she has to do the job as best as she can. We keep asking how she is feeling and if there are any symptoms. I tell her to stay positive and boost her immune system,” said Jeev.

As per the latest reports pouring in, as many as 14,000 casualties have hit the NY city so far.


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