COVID-19 Pandemic: Actress Mandana Karimi Distributes Food to the Needy

Mandana Karimi

India continues to impose lockdown amid Covid-19 pandemic. As per the current update, the fresh cases of coronavirus infection continues to pour in with no signs of going back.

This is the reason why the PM has further urged the citizens of India to extend the lockdown period for now.

If you look at the overall condition due to Covid-19 outbreak, you can see how it continues to devastate some specific countries like the US, Italy, Spain, Germany and others. 7StarHD

In India though, most celebrities and stars are coming out to help poor and the needy.

They have even started a new venture to help all those who are currently suffering due to one or several reason.

And this is what the government and other agencies have appreciated their efforts for all their help.

The same was initiated by the actress Mandana Karimi who was spotted distributing food to all the poor and the needy out there. 7StarHD

In her response to what she is presently doing, the actress stated that she likes to reach as many people who require help.

The actress also said later that she really likes everyone to go to bed after having enough food with shelter.

Mandana also feels that lockdown in India is meant different for different people.

Lastly, she urged people to stay home and be safe, especially at this time when there is so much scare due to Covid-19 pandemic.


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