Boycott Netflix’ Trends On Twitter Over ‘A Suitable Boy’ Scene

a suitable boy

There have been so many unlawful incidents happened in the recent past that expressed their outrage at some levels. One recent episode that attracted so much outrage was an advertisement of a famous jewelry brand.

And then we all witnessed how a TV quiz show was questioned. All these incidents reflect some sort of anguish from the people of this country, especially on social media.



The latest incident which is giving the same kind of waves is advocating about ‘Boycott Netflix’. It’s been trending for a while on Twitter over Mira Nair’s web series ‘A Suitable Boy’.


Boycott Netflix’ trends over A Suitable Boy

It all happened when a scene from ‘A Suitable Boy’ was floated where the characters Kabir Durrani and Tanya Maniktala were featured kissing in a temple.

The conflict started when it was revealed that former was Danesh Razvi (Muslim) and the later was Lata Mehra (Hindu).



Soon after the above controversy aired, it soon caught a fire and personalities from different background and places started to condemn it.

When the conflict started rising above the shoulders, BJP spokesperson joined the agitation to ‘Boycott Netflix’ without naming ‘A Suitable Boy’.


Later, he released a statement that said that if anyone is found insulting any religion, especially Hindu God and Goddess, the person needs to file a written complaint under section 295A under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Goel offered all his support towards the ongoing agitation and wrote that ‘the law is going to take care of such offenders’.

among those personalities who came forward to register their anguish over the issue was Rahul Mahajan.

He took to his social media account to register his displeasure over the entire incident.

This is what he chose to write, A Muslim man kissing a Hindu woman during the Ram Aarti was ‘creative freedom’.

But when a Hindu man and Muslim women would kiss in a mosque during Azaan, this creative freedom would go missing.’

Take a look at some of the details of the series titled “A Suitable Boy’. It actually stars Ishaan Khatter, Tabu, Rasika Dugal, Vijay Verma, Vivaan Shah, Kulbhushan Kharbanda among others.

The web series is actually based on the novel by the same name written by Vikram Seth in the year 1993.

As per the web series, it shows the plot of the characters in the post independence era. It’s shot in Lucknow and narrates the story of all the riots and some other real incidents that happened at that time.

The web series titled ‘A Suitable Boy’ was first released on BBC One in the month of July. It was finally released on Netflix with Hindi dubbing. The web series will comprise 6 episodes.


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