Robbie Grewal Talks About the Issue of criticism of Spy Films; “Liberties are taken for the sake of making the story more interesting”

Robbie Grewal

According to an interview with renowned Bollywood portal ‘Bollywood Hungama‘ a lot has come out in the middle. It’s because the actor has disclosed some crucial things on Spy films. Check below what he has to say about spy films.

“Aakhri Sach,” a crime investigative thriller series directed by Robbie Grewal, created a significant buzz shortly after it began streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

For those unfamiliar with Robbie’s work, he initially garnered attention from both audiences and critics with his debut film, “Samay: When Time Strikes.” His most recent project prior to “Aakhri Sach” was “Romeo Akbar Walter: RAW,” featuring John Abraham, which was released in 2019.

In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Robbie Grewal discussed the Tamannaah Bhatia-starrer series, his hiatus, and provided insights into what audiences can anticipate from his future endeavors. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation.

EXCLUSIVE: Robbie Grewal speaks on criticism of spy films; says, “Liberties are taken for the sake of making the story more interesting”


Robbie Grewal Talks About the Issue of criticism of Spy Films; “Liberties are taken for the sake of making the story more interesting”


Aakhri Sach marked your first foray into the world of OTT. Can you share what proved to be the most formidable aspect during its production?

To start, working in the OTT format presents an interesting shift from what I was accustomed to in films, ads, and commercials, which often have very limited durations, like 1 to 3 minutes.

It involved both unlearning and relearning the craft of storytelling. One of the fascinating aspects was exploring the extended narrative arcs that OTT allows. As for the gripping case at the heart of “Aakhri Sach,” it was the primary catalyst that drew me into the project.

The mystery, intrigue, and the desire to uncover what truly transpired within the family intrigued me. While we had some basic knowledge of the events, the exact details remained a mystery. The real-life story of the Burari Deaths, which I had seen on television, served as the driving force behind my decision to create a fictionalized version of it.

Over the course of your two-decade career, can you share which project holds the dearest place in your heart?

At any given moment, whatever I’m currently involved in becomes my entire focus, reigniting my passion for each project. So, in that sense, every project I’m actively working on and shooting holds a special place in my heart.

It’s challenging to single out one as the dearest. However, if I were to reflect on my career, “Samay: [When Time Strikes]” stands out as a particularly sentimental project.

It was my first film, and I embarked on this journey at a very young age. I have fond memories of that film, and it has now marked its 20th anniversary, making it especially close to my heart in that regard.

You made a comeback as a director with a film after a decade following ‘Aloo Chat.’ Could you share your insights on this experience?

I primarily work in advertising, which is my main source of income. Making feature films is a more extended format, and it’s become less frequent. I choose to delve into feature films only when I’m genuinely inspired by a story and have a strong desire to share it. I don’t feel the need to direct a film every year or two just to sustain my career. It’s a comfortable space for me to be in, but at the same time, yes, nine years is quite a lengthy break. The reasons for this hiatus may vary, but it’s been a while.

During this time, I’ve been actively directing and producing commercials. However, I’m now very focused on making more films. Since “RAW” came out in 2019, I’ve committed to reducing the gaps between my film projects significantly. It’s a personal decision for myself, realizing that I shouldn’t take such long breaks, and fortunately, I have a few compelling stories in the pipeline to share.

Is there any news or information you’d like to reveal regarding your upcoming project with Saif Ali Khan and Siddharth Anand?

I’m somewhat restricted in discussing the details at the moment. However, I can mention that I’ll be commencing shooting for a project produced by Netflix in the coming months.



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