Bipasha Basu Criticises Rumour Mongers Publicising Her Fake Pregnancy Reports

Bipasha Basu

Newlywed couple Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu recently targeted by rumour mongers.

As per the reports, this made the actress angry over the proclaim of false reports pouring-in about her pregnancy reports.

As a result of this, she slammed any such report, which says the couple is eagerly awaiting their first child.

Ever since the glamorous actress Bipasha Basu tied the knot with Karan, all is not well. Soon after their wedding, rumors surfaced suggesting that the couple started developing a rift due to the dominating nature of Bipasha.

However, it was not true at all and Bipasha Basu even denied it. But this time, rumors again surfaced suggesting the pregnancy of Bipasha Basu.

At this time, we can see Bips criticizing those who are spreading baseless rumors. It happens sometimes in a life of such a glamorous celebrity. But it should not happen in this way without confirming the facts.

Do you know the reason why these rumors actually surfaced? Well, it’s tricky to answer at the moment, but one thing for sure.

Ever since the couple started visiting a gynecologist, rumors started floating in from every corner about their probable pregnancy.

As per an entertainment website, Bips was seen visiting to the clinic as many number of times.

Now, it only states one thing that the couple is planning to start their family sooner or later. But the entire episode helped to originate such rumors which are not true.

This is the reason why both Karan and Bips are angry with all those rumor mongers.

Bipasha Basu requests people to leave major decisions of lives to the couple

Now, if we take all this in a broader perspective, then it seems that Bollywood has been a baby boom this year.

Recently we all witnessed Ritesh Deshmukh and his wife Genillia welcoming their second child ‘Rahyl’ in June this year.

Then we spotted Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput after they welcomed their first child (baby girl) – Misha.

But if we look at the couple, they only got married this year in the month of April. Both look quite upset with the fake pregnancy reports of Bips.

She’s angry at whoever spread the rumors didn’t confirm the authenticity of the fact. Reacting to all this, she only hoped that people at least showed respect towards the couple’s personal lives.

Bips says that I don’t think it’s appropriate to spread false rumors and people should leave these major decisions of our lives for us.

As we know that the couple got married in the month of April this year, it was only in May when Bips revealed to Raj Kundra that she’s not planning a baby in the near future. It was when Bips wished ‘Viaan’ (Raj Kundra’s son) on his birthday.