Akshay Kumar to Adopt A Village in Maha, Worst Hit By Farmer’s Suicides

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar | Image Credit: International Business Times

Akshay Kumar is known as an action hero in the entire Bollywood industry. He’s better regarded as one of the fittest cine actors.

Ever since he joined the biz world, he not only got intended to excel through his fine acting, but also through his unbeatable and powerful stunts.

A plethora of established players in the entire Bollywood fraternity tends to praise him even now for the skillful acting and his ‘ready-to-do’ attitude for any kind of role.

One such actor is “Dilip Tahil” who share his experience at this stage.

He says I used to get stunned every time Akshay had to perform. This is because whenever he used to act or had to undergo any kind of stunt he always had done it so precisely. This is how he created his own space among the hearts of millions of his fans.

In one of a kind act of his bravery, Akshay Kumar is soon to adopt an entire village in the Yavatmal district of Vidharbha (Maharashtra) in response of the financial crisis among farmers.

In order to accomplish the deal, a proposal was signed by none other than ‘Sachindra Pratap Singh’ (Collector), as made by ‘Rajesh Khawle’, who’s the director of the ‘Chetna Abhiyan’ Project.

Rajesh is also the RDC (Resident District Collector) of the above mentioned project. It’s all done in response from the Maha government.

As per the Collector Sachindra Pratap Singh, Akshay recently had spoken with Sudhir Mungantiwar in Mumbai, who’s the state Finance Minister.

During his conversation, the minister briefed Akshay about the much aggravated farmer woes in the Vidharba area (especially in Yavatmal).

Akshay Kumar voluntarily decided to adopt the village

In response to the plight of hundreds of farmers who have no choice but to end their lives, Akshay Kumar voluntarily decided to adopt the entire village.

This is done to get rid hundreds of unwanted casualties in the district, which is happening at high rates.

The government communicated to its administration to suggest such a village hit hard by the farmer’s suicidal cases. Finally, RDC Khawle highlighted the name Pimpri Butti.

At this time, the concerned file has also been cleared for further action. In the recent past, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had visited the village and even stayed for an entire day.

He also expressed his interest and visited some adjacent villages nearby and assured all possible help to end the ongoing spate of suicide cases in the district.

Soon after the chief Minister visited the worst affected village, a widow of a farmer end her life. This resulted a much aggravation among the leaders of the opposition parties. They simply protested the government’s move and apathy towards the affected farmers.

All these farmers have no choice but to end their lives as they already have so much of debt on their head and the crops are already failed.

Like Akshay Kumar, the chief minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis also visited the affected village (village Butti) and even stayed there.

Not only that, he also met with some other officials of the nearby villages during the period of his stay in the village by the name “Pimpri Butti”.

At that time, he had assured of all possible help from his side. He further said that we will provide immunity to all villagers in order to thwart the ongoing tussle. But still the number of suicide cases has been emerging on the regular basis.

On the same pattern, all of us recently mourned the sudden demise of a farmer. To resolve the matter, chief minister including some other officials of the opposition party also landed there.

They started agitating and this resulted into an aggravated agitation.

They were demanding some actions from the government side towards the woes of farmers who’re already under huge financial crisis.