Bigg Boss 15: Miesha Reacts to Salman Khan’s Words After Her Eviction

Bigg Boss 15

Miesha Aiyer has already been evicted from the Bigg Boss 15 show hosted by Salman Khan. The reason why she got evicted from the show is because she was nominated.

As Miesha got lesser number of votes, Salman Khan even bashed her for not focusing on the game. More than that, both Miesha and Ieshaan fell in love during the show.

It looked inappropriate as they started getting romantically involved in each other instead of focusing on the game.

And this is what host Salman Khan pointed out to her after her eviction from the show.

After getting evicted from the show, Miesha stated during an interview that she wouldn’t have done anything inappropriate as both she and Ieshaan were very real.

It all revealed on Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode where Salman Khan questioned Ieshaan about the eviction of Miesha.

Bigg Boss 15: Miesha Reacts to Salman Khan’s Words After Her Eviction

This is what Ieshaan stated, “Sir, I am not feeling good at all. How can I? I was closest to her in the house. She is now out of the house.” To which Salman replied, “Kya expect kar rahe the Ieshaan, kaun jaega? Pichle do hafto se samjha raha tha mai ki aaplog kuch nahi kar rahe. Abhi romance ke bal ke upar to nahi chalta na ye show bhai? Wo added hota hai. Ye bhi nahi ke aap logo ke romance me kuch aisa fun tha (What were you even expecting, Ieshaan? Who would be voted out? I have been telling you guys for the past two weeks that you guys are not doing anything inside the house. This show doesn’t run on romance. Not that there was much fun in your romance even). You were not mixing with anyone.”

Salman further added, “You stay in the house, impress the audience and one of you will win the trophy. Did we ask Miesha and Ieshaan to get it on their own. All these are useless. We do not control what you do, how you do it, what you say. This is your show, if it works, you get the credit. If it does not, you get the blame as well. Why do you blame the creative team? The team gives you tasks and rules, not scripts. We do not have a VFX shop here that we’ll show something from different what you actually did.”

Salman further announced that the contestants would have to face two evictions and not just one. He announced that Ieshaan has grabbed least number of votes and so, have no option but to walk out from the BB house.

After announcing Ieshaan’s eviction, Salman stated that he’s now free to go to his love Miesha.

He further added that he had warned him earlier as well to play the game with utmost sincerity instead of spending all of his time with Miesha.


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