Loki Episode 6 Release Date and Time, Spoilers & Runtime

Loki episode 1 release date and time

Loki release date and time: Loki first season is coming to an end. Find everything you like to know about the TV series.

It’s been over 6 weeks since Marvel’s Loki was first aired on Disney Plus. Right after the show was first aired, fans couldn’t keep their emotions back and simply loved the show.

As the web series have already gone through the end of the 5th episode last week, the audience is now interested to watch Loki’s season 1 finale.

Well, one of the reasons why the show is counted among the best American Television series is due to its twists and turns.

Like every time, this time too, fans are expecting some more entertainment to come. Take a look at some crucial things about Loki Episode 6.

Loki Episode 6 release date

It will be on July 14 when the audience will be able to watch the Loki episode 6 directly on Disney Plus.

The episode will actually be the first season of the web series. As per the update, the season 2 is in the development stage,

Loki Episode 6 Release Time

The timing of the release of the Loki episode 6 finale will be the same just like earlier episodes. Ro be precise, Loki 6 will premiere at 8:01 am GMT, 3:01 am ET and 12:01 am PT from July 14. In addition t this, fresh episodes will also be released at the same time worldwide.

Take a look at the release time of Loki worldwide in different time zones:

Australia: 4:31 pm on July 14, 2021
India: 12:31 pm on July 14, 2021
Central Europe: 9.01 am on July 14, 2021
UK: 8.01 am July 14, 2021
Eastern zone: 3.01 am on July 14, 2021.
Central zone: 2.01 am on July 14, 2021


Loki Episode 6 Duration

There is nothing official announced about the runtime of Loki 6 episode.

However, if you look at all the 5 episodes, their run time was up to 50 minutes. And so, it looks like Loki 6 episode will also last somewhere close to 55 minutes mark.

Where to Watch Loki Episodes?

Loki happens to be a widely popular show aired on Disney Plus. If you are looking to stream the show online, then you need to have the subscription of popular channels. In case, you are watching the show from India, you may subscribe the channels like Disney+ Hotstar.

Loki finale Plot

Those who watched Loki episode 5 might be getting excited to watch the 6th episode at the earliest.

One of the reasons may be to know the answers of the questions asked in the previous episode. Well, the most relevant question that everybody likes to know about someone who actually created the Time Variance Authority.

As per episode 5, it looks like TVA creator might be hiding out somewhere in the cosmic castle. As per the sources, the above plot can be revealed in the upcoming series.

As per some other theories, there is a possibility that it could be none other than King Variant of Loki. All the questions will be answered once you start watching the show.

As expected, Loki’s season 1 finale seems to be full of turns and twists. Since more episodes will be aired soon, there are chances that season 1 will come to an end on a major cliffhanger.

Are you one of the fans of Loki TV series? Are you looking forward for Loki Season 1 finale? If yes, then comment below to share your thoughts on this.

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