Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Angry Over Sidharth-Asim Spat

salman asim sidharth

For the last ten years, Salman Khan has been hosting the Bigg Boss reality show. And we all know that it is full of controversies, ugly fights and much more. As we are already into the Bigg Boss season 13 itself, the audience has gone through loads of controversies and fights.

Just think about the man who has to handle all this on a daily basis. It’s none other than Salman Khan whom we are talking about. At the moment, it looks like he’s already fed up with the ugly and pathetic fight sessions between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz in the BB 13 house.

In the most recent episode of BB 13, Salman Khan looked scolding both of them and even asked them to fight it out but not in the BB house.

In one of the BB promos, it can be clearly seen Salman Khan lashing out at both of them and even threatened them to meet and fight outside.

Referring to the ugly fights between Sidharth and Asim, this is what Salman said, “Asim and Sidharth, tell me how much poison are you spewing?

After Salman asks them about the reason for a rigerous fight too often, Sidharth was seen to clarify his side and said, “I just took a decision in being the moderator.

But it was Sidharth who came to me saying, “You were just kicked out both by your brother and father. And it was the mistake of your father for this to happen”.

Soon after that, Salman is seen interrupting them. But later, he ignores it. Finally Salman is seen yelling, “I will throw both of you out of the house.” Apne TV

And this is what he said, “Both of you have been fighting with each other for the last 17 weeks asking one another to meet outside the B  house. Note that violence is not allowed in the house at all. And so, I will have to open the gate.

You may go outside and beat each other with all of your satisfaction. Afterwards, you may return to the house, in case you are in a position to return,” Salman asks them.



He further said, “You may like to put your money where your mouth is. Bigg Boss, please ghar ke 2 macho men ke liye darwaza kholo kyuki inko ladna hai (Bigg Boss, please open the door for the two macho men in the house as they want to fight with each other” he says. “Ok. I’m ready and going.”

But as per the reports, Asim is not going to take up the challenge.

As the audience is well aware, both Asim and Sidharth continued to fight for the last 17 weeks ever since they entered into the Bigg Boss house.

In one of the most recent episodes, Sidharth was seen telling Bigg Boss that he would like to beat up Asim and quit the show because he was already fed up of the entire drama and vulgar fights.


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